1998-06-26  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1002)

	* lib/HTML/EP.pod: Added isa attribute to ep-package.
	* EP.pm.in: Added support for $self->{debug}.
	* ep.cgi.PL: Added setting of $self->{debug} if "debug" variable
	  is passed.
	* EP.pm.in (_ep_query): Added resulttype attribute.

1998-06-25  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1001)

	* lib/HTML/EP.pod: Forgot to document ep-if and frieds
	* Added $self->{_ep_state}
	* Makefile.PL: Added check for MailTools, my thanks to Michael
	  Bauer <michael@h-net.com>
	* lib/HTML/EP.pod: Fixed bug in ep-query docs; a "query"
	  attribute was used instead of "statement", thanks to Michael
	  Bauer <michael@h-net.com>

1998-06-22  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1000)

	* Initial version.