1998-12-03  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1118)

	* Added $self->{'_ep_headers'}. Request by Uri Bruck
	* Moved $self->{'_ep_cookies'} to $self->{'_ep_headers'}->{'-cookie'}.
	* lib/HTML/EP.pm: Moved SimpleError and most of ep.cgi and Apache::EP
	  to HTML::EP::SimpleError and HTML::EP::CgiRun.

1998-11-29  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1117)

	* lib/HTML/EP.pm (new): Added $self->{'_ep_config'}.
	* lib/HTML/EP.pm (_ep_mail): Added debugging mode. Requested by
          Michael Bauer (michael@h-net.com).
	* Added lib/HTML/EP/Examples/Admin.pm and examples/admin/squid.ep.

1998-11-04  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1116)

	* lib/HTML/EP.pm (_ep_input): Added type 's' (Set).
	* lib/HTML/EP.pm (_ep_query): Added resulttype single_array
	  and single_hash.

1998-11-03  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1115)

	* lib/HTML/EP.pm (_ep_package): Changed $self->init() to

1998-10-27  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1114)

	* Added HTML::EP::Session::Cookie and $self->{'_ep_cookies'}.
	* ep.cgi.PL: Fixed 'debughosts' handling to use $ENV{REMOTE_ADDR}
	  and not $ENV{REMOTE_HOST}.
	* ep.cgi.PL: Error messages have been reported incorrect when
	  setting errhandler.
	* examples/admin: Added mail2group.ep and mail2group.

1998-10-19  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1113)

	* Added HTML::EP::Shop and examples/shop (To be finished).

1998-10-13  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1112)

	* lib/HTML/EP/Locale.pm (init): Fixed typo in default language.
	* Added examples/admin.
	* Added examples/edit.ep.

1998-10-13  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1111)

	* ep-error mismatched user and system error.
 	* ep-error was not looking in DOCUMENT_ROOT.
 	* Added optional removal of selfloader code.
	* Added HTML::EP::Config and Bundle::HTML::EP.
	* Added debughosts and ok_templates to Config.

1998-10-11  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1110)
      * lib/HTML/EP/Locale.pm: Made default language configurable.
      * Added $&NBSP->var$

1998-10-06  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1109)

	* EP.pm.in (_ep_mail): Requires MailTools 1.12 now.

1998-09-17  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1108)

	* lib/HTML/EP/Locale.pm (_ep_language): Added debugging.
	* lib/HTML/EP/Session.pm (store): Now using bind_param() for
	  parameter binding of blob's.

1998-09-13  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1107)

	* EP.pm.in (_ep_select): Added handling of Non-EP attributes like
	* lib/HTML/EP/Session.pm (store): Added 'locked' attribute.

1998-09-12  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1106)

	* ep.pm.PL: Added startat and limit to ep-query.
	* EP.pm.in: $self->{_ep_funcs} required only for non-standard
	* EP.pm.in: Added custom formats.
	* lib/HTML/EP/Locale.pm: Added custom format for german DM.

1998-09-11  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1105)

	* ep.cgi.PL: Rats! _ep_exit was trapped in ep.cgi and not in
	  ep.cgi.PL. :-(
	* EP.pm.in (DESTROY): Removed explicit $dbh->disconnect(), because
	  disconnect() was called twice if ep-include is used. Instead we
	  now set $dbh->{'Warn'} to 0, so warnings are prevented anyways.

1998-09-09  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@nt.ispsoft.de> (0.1104)

	* EP.pm.in: _ep_exit is now based on exceptions.
	* EP.pm.in: Added DESTROY method for calling dbh->disconnect().

1998-09-07  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1103)

	* EP.pm.in: Added WarnHandler to trap compile errors.
	* ep.cgi: Added SIGDIE handler to trap compile errors.
	* lib/HTML/EP/Session.pm: Added "hex" mode to ep-session.
	* Added ep-exit and ep-include.
	* No longer depends on HTML::Parser.

1998-08-27  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1101)

	* EP.pm.in (_ep_perl): Removed the default Safe compartment in
	  favour of an attribute "safe". It's too nasty and one seems
	  to be using "package=temp" almost always. :-(
	* EP.pm.in (_ep_query): Documented $attr->{'resulttype'}.
	* Added HTML::EP::Session.

1998-07-24  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1100)

	* lib/HTML/EP.pod: Documented mod_perl integration.
	* EP.pm.in: Removed epparse- and epperl-

1998-07-18  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1007)

	* Makefile.PL: More minor patches for fixing the same problem ...

1998-07-18  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1006)

	* Makefile.PL: Minor patches for fixing the test suite.

1998-07-04  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1005)

	* Added HTML::EP::Locale.
	* Added list attribute to ep-input.
	* Added init method.
	* EP.pm.in (_ep_list): Added $self->{i}.
	* Added $self->Stop()
	* Added ep-select

1998-07-04  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1003)

	* EP.pm.in (_ep_perl): Forgot to set $_ before evaluating in
	  package mode.
	* EP.pm.in: src attribute of ep-perl now adds DOCUMENT_ROOT,
	  if required.
	* Added Apache::EP for mod_perl support. 
	* EP.pm.in: Fixed {eval}, {package} and {comment} to
	  {'eval'}, {'package} and {'comment}

1998-06-26  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1002)

	* lib/HTML/EP.pod: Added isa attribute to ep-package.
	* EP.pm.in: Added support for $self->{debug}.
	* ep.cgi.PL: Added setting of $self->{debug} if "debug" variable
	  is passed.
	* EP.pm.in (_ep_query): Added resulttype attribute.

1998-06-25  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1001)

	* lib/HTML/EP.pod: Forgot to document ep-if and frieds
	* Added $self->{_ep_state}
	* Makefile.PL: Added check for MailTools, my thanks to Michael
	  Bauer <michael@h-net.com>
	* lib/HTML/EP.pod: Fixed bug in ep-query docs; a "query"
	  attribute was used instead of "statement", thanks to Michael
	  Bauer <michael@h-net.com>

1998-06-22  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1000)

	* Initial version.