1999-03-03  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1011)

	* lib/SQL/Statement.pm (SELECT): Added the ability to order by
	  columns that are not part of the selected data; Joel Meulenberg
	* sql_data.c: Fixed a bug in LIKE and CLIKE; Joel Meulenberg

1999-02-13  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1010)

	* sql_yacc.y: Fixed a bug in the parser, that caused mixed
	  AND/OR conditions to fail. Thanks to Joel Meulenberg

1998-10-26  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1009)

	* lib/SQL/Statement.pm (SELECT): lockMode was set to 1, thus
	  write permissions have been required for a SELECT. Thanks
	  to Jason Burns <jason@3ws.com> for pointing this out.

1998-09-08  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1008)

	* sql_yacc.y: Fixed typo in the lexer: ALL was returned instead of
	  ASC. My thanks to Lyn A Headley <laheadle@cs.uchicago.edu>.
	* lib/SQL/Statement.pm: Added INSTALLATION section with pointers
	  to alloca sources. My thanks to Theo Petersen <theo@acsp.com>.
	* lib/SQL/Statement.pm: Added CLIKE.

1998-08-31  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1007)

	* Makefile.PL: Added ABSTRACT_FROM, AUTHOR and CAPI.
	* Statement.xs: Partial fix of memory leaks by changing
	  newRV() to newRV_noinc(). Some leaks are still remaining,
	  though. :-(

1998-08-29  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1006)

	* lib/SQL/Statement.pm (UPDATE): Fixed a bug in the parameter
	* Statement.xs (new): Added a missing REFCNT_inc on

1998-07-23  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1005)

	* sql_data.h: Added "#define NULL" for SunOS 4.
	* lib/SQL/Statement.pm (execute): Added "delete $self->{'tables'}"
	  to unlock and/or close tables.

1998-07-22  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1004)

	* sql_yacc.y: Added -DMSDOS under WIN32, so that malloc.h
	  gets included.
	* lib/SQL/Statement.pm (UPDATE): Fixed $val->Num() to
	  $val->num(). My thanks to Gerald Richter, <richter@ecos.de>.
	* sql_yacc.y: Replaced isalnum with isalnum_, as isalnum('_') = 0.
	  Pointed out by Gerald Richter, <richter@ecos.de>.

1998-06-25  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1003)

	* lib/SQL/Statement.pm: Fixed bug in "ORDER BY" with numeric
	  columns. Removed misc.files_as_tables feature.

1998-05-20  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1002)

	* Added misc.files_as_tables feature

1998-05-14  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1001)

	* Initial version