Changes log for Perl extension SQL::Statement

Version 1.001, released January 17,2002

Fixed bug in UPDATE that caused the new value to be a hash rather than
a scalar.

Version 1.0, released January 15, 2002

This is the first CPAN release of the pure perl version of the module.
It was previously released in an XS version by Jochen Wiedman who has
turned over maintenance of it to me.

The new Pure Perl version of SQL::Statement supports everything
supported by the XS version and, additionally, at least partial
support for the following features that are not supported at all by
the XS version:

 * Explicit and implicit joins
 * Table name aliases
 * Set functions
 * String functions
 * String concatenation
 * Numeric expressions
 * IN predicate
 * BETWEEN predicate
 * Alphabetic comparison in WHERE clauses
 * Ordering of text that looks like a number
 * Verbose error messages for both Parsing and Execution errors