0.50    21 December 2003
        First non-developer release with new test system.

0.50_02 21 November 2003
        Make tests skip rather than try to run zero tests if no backends
          configured - thanks to nothingmuch via CPAN testers for the
          test failure report.

0.50_01 18 November 2003
        Huge overhaul of test suite, no change in functionality.
        Removed dependency on Test::MockObject and Hook::LexWrap
          (the relevant tests are now skipped if these aren't installed).
        Removed the examples since they were very out of date.
        Made a small clarification to the CGI::Wiki::Plugin docs.

0.49    23 September 2003
        Added "ignore_case" option to ->list_nodes_by_metadata

0.48    22 September 2003
        Couple of small changes so I can write formatters that allow node
          metadata to affect the rendering of the node.
        A rewrite and renaming of the CGI::Wiki distribution is on the
          cards - subscribe to cgi-wiki-dev if you're interested:

0.47    29 August 2003
        Added metadata_was and metadata_wasnt parameters to list_recent_changes

0.46    14 August 2003
        Fix for Shevek.  ->write_node used to croak if it failed to index
          the backlinks, but since the MySQL varchar type is case-insensitive
          by default, we were getting a duplicate key error.  As a temporary
          fix pending a proper think about an explicit way for you to specify
          whether you want your wiki case-sensitive or not (yes, people have
          asked me for both), this now just warns if it has trouble writing

0.45    11 August 2003
        Removed dependency on Class::Delegation.
        Fixed Makefile.PL to check for Lingua::Stem before trying to test
          DBIx::FullTextSearch stuff.
        Fixed DBIx and Search::InvertedIndex tests to take note of database
          host if one supplied.

0.44    10 July 2003
        Fixed bug with metadata_isnt - it wasn't picking up nodes where
          that metadata type wasn't set.

0.43    10 July 2003
        Added metadata_isnt constraint to ->list_recent_changes.

0.42    16 June 2003
        Dropped Test::Warn from the dependencies - it's too much installing
          for too little gain (I was hardly using it).
        Made CGI::Wiki::TestConfig::Utilities check for the Postgres
          Search::InvertedIndex backend, and test using that if possible.

0.41    27 May 2003
        Changed the order of things when registering a plugin, so the
          on_register method can access the datastore properly.

0.40    24 May 2003
        Added an index to the metadata table in the MySQL setup, to
          speed up RecentChanges.  To apply this index to an existing
          database you need to do (as the database superuser):

          CREATE INDEX metadata_index ON metadata
                       (node, version, metadata_type, metadata_value(10))

        Also made the warnings in Makefile.PL and INSTALL stronger, since
          we had another data-eating incident.

0.39    21 May 2003
        Amended Makefile.PL and INSTALL to make it absolutely clear that you
          should not run the tests on databases containing valuable data.
          Thanks to Rocco for, er, stress-testing this, and sorry to 'know'
          for eating its brains...

0.38    17 May 2003
        Added ->list_dangling_links method; thanks to Simon Cozens for
          the idea.

0.37    12 May 2003
        Oh dear.  No real changes, but I moved Extending.pod to stop it
          getting installed as CGI::Extending.  Sorry.

0.36    9 May 2003
        Added CGI::Wiki::Plugin as a base class for plugins to inherit from.

0.35    5 May 2003
        Fixed bug in CGI::Wiki::Store::SQLite introduced with new calling
          syntax in version shipped with 0.34.
        Very basic start at plugin support as described in Extending.pod -
          see 'perldoc CGI::Wiki' for details.

0.34    5 May 2003
        Moving towards adding proper plugin support - the proposed API is
          in Extending.pod, please take a look and send comments.
        In preparation for the above, the metadata hash passed to ->write_node
          can now contain more complex data structures - but these will *not*
          be stored directly, just checksummed.  The way to access them will
          be via plugins.  See 'perldoc CGI::Wiki;' for details.
        Also added alternative calling syntax for the CGI::Wiki::Setup::*
          store modules, as requested by Podmaster.

0.33    3 May 2003
        Added ->fuzzy_title_match method to the Search::InvertedIndex backend
          (CGI::Wiki::Search::SII).  You will need to re-index all existing
          nodes in your wiki in order to take advantage of this.  Take your
          wiki offline and do something like

          my $wiki = CGI::Wiki->new( %conf );
          # (Where %conf is exactly as you would set this up for your actual
          #  Wiki application, including your store, search and formatter
          #  options exactly as you use them live.)
          my @nodes = $wiki->list_all_nodes;
          foreach my $node ( @nodes ) {
            my %node_data = $wiki->retrieve_node( $node );
            $wiki->write_node( $node,
            print "Reindexed $node\n";

        to refresh all the nodes in your database.  Note that for wikis
        of more than a couple of nodes, this can take quite some time.

0.32    2 May 2003
        Fixed bug with write_node dying when using Search::InvertedIndex
          and writing node with blank content (thanks to Bob Walker for
          the bug report).

0.31    26 April 2003
        Added an index to the metadata table in the postgres setup, to
          speed up RecentChanges.  To apply this index to an existing
          database you need to do (as the database superuser):

          bench=# create index metadata_nodeindex on metadata
                   (node, version, metadata_type, metadata_value);

        It will also help speed things up if you run:

          bench=# analyze;

        every so often, maybe once a week.

0.30    22 April 2003
        Added support for supplying 'host' parameter when connecting to
          MySQL/Postgres databases (requested and assisted by Paul Makepeace).

0.29    20 April 2003
        Got rid of the separate bin/user-setup-* scripts, added
          bin/cgi-wiki-setupdb and made it be installed when the rest of
          the distribution is.

0.28    6 April 2003
        Added ->formatter accessor to Wiki.pm

0.27    5 April 2003
        Added ->reinitialise_stores method to CGI::Wiki::TestConfig::Utilities
          to make it easier for plugins and so forth to make sure they have
          nice virginal test stores before they start running their tests.
          Altered my setup tests to use this.

0.26    3 April 2003
          - Removed deprecated method retrieve_node_and_checksum.
          - Added DBI as a prerequisite (ta Max).
          - Fixed up the SEE ALSO in the pod.

          - The SQLite backend was failing tests with DBI 1.34 or up;
            fixed now (with a kluge, but no worse than the one already there)
            Thanks to DH for the test failure report.

0.25    29 March 2003
        list_recent_changes can now filter on a single metadata criterion
          - multiple criteria coming soon.

0.24    29 March 2003
        list_recent_changes now returns any metadata attached to the node
          as well - so you can put comments and usernames and things in there
          and display them on RecentChanges.  Note that it no longer pretends
          to return a comment separately since you can do it this way now.
          See perldoc CGI::Wiki::Store::Database for the new API.
        Moved recent changes tests out into their own file.

0.23    17 March 2003
        Fixed bug - metadata wasn't getting deleted when ->delete_node
          was called.

0.22    8 March 2003
        Rejig of the way the tests work, in preparation for allowing
          third-party plugins:

            When 'perl Makefile.PL' is run on a CGI::Wiki distribution,
            information will be gathered about test databases etc that
            can be used for running tests. CGI::Wiki::TestConfig::Utilities
            gives you convenient access to this information, so you can
            easily write and run tests for your own CGI::Wiki plugins.

        No functionality changes.

0.21    6 March 2003
        Purely a documentation update; thanks to Alex McLintock for comments.

0.20    22 February 2003
        Added simple (and intentionally naive) metadata support.  Note that
          the database schema has changed (additional 'metadata' table), so
          you will need to re-run the relevant database setup script again as
          described below for upgrading to 0.15.
        Much of this release was written on David Woolger's laptop; thanks :)

0.16    5 February 2003
        Changed CGI::Wiki::Setup::Pg to use the 'timestamp' data type
          instead of 'datetime', since 'datetime' was deprecated and
          has been removed in Postgres 7.3.
        Fixed bug with supplying blank database username/password;
          thanks to DH for the bug report.
        Fixed mistake in pod, pointed out by Podmaster.

0.15    5 January 2003
        Amended store setup modules so their 'setup' functions don't
          wipe pre-existing data; added 'cleardb' functions for when you
          really do want to wipe it.
        Along with that, amended the setup scripts in ./bin/ to take a
          --force-preclear option.  Now they leave existing data by default.
        Added standalone tests for CGI::Wiki::Formatter::Default
        Added $formatter->find_internal_links method and tests.

        Implemented backlinks!  Thanks to blair christensen for the idea,
          and sorry for taking so long to get around to it.

        *** IMPORTANT NOTE ***
        *After* upgrading, you will need to re-run the relevant database setup
        script (in ./bin/) on any databases created using earlier versions of
        CGI::Wiki, in order that the internal_links table gets created.  From
        version 0.15, these scripts won't affect data in existing tables, as
        long as you don't supply the --force-preclear option, so this is safe.


        You have been warned.

        (You can do the database munging before you install this new version
        -- the old versions won't mind the extra table -- but
 ===>                     *** MAKE SURE ***
        to invoke the scripts as something like
          perl -Ilib bin/user-setup-[...]
        so you get the *new* setup modules which *won't* hose your data
        (the old ones did, ugh).)

        The backlink data will also not exist for links *from* a given node
        until you re-write that node.  Take your wiki offline then do
        something like

          my $wiki = CGI::Wiki->new( %conf );
          # (Where %conf is exactly as you would set this up for your actual
          #  Wiki application, including your store, search and formatter
          #  options exactly as you use them live.)
          my @nodes = $wiki->list_all_nodes;
          foreach my $node ( @nodes ) {
            my %nodedata = $wiki->retrieve_node( $node );
            $wiki->write_node($node, $nodedata{content}, $nodedata{checksum});

        to refresh all the nodes in your database.

0.14    3 January 2003
        Added $store->node_exists method and tests.
        Amended $store->list_recent_changes to take a 'last_n_changes'
          parameter, so you can find the last 10 (or whatever) nodes edited.
        Made an internal change to the way ->format is delegated to the
          formatter object, to give said object access to the store.

0.13    2 January 2003
        Minor fix - t/031_formatting.t was being reported as failing on
          systems without support for any of the backends, since I forgot to
          update the SKIP condition when I added six extra tests.  Thanks
          to root@ostend.org for the report via cpan-testers.

0.12    1 January 2003
        The Search::InvertedIndex backend wasn't indexing the node titles -
          fixed and added tests.
        Added tests for non-MySQL Search::InvertedIndex backends and fixed
          CGI::Wiki::Search::SII to be case-insensitive all the time (instead
          of just when using MySQL).
        Tweaked the documentation some more - offers to simplify the docs
          and/or write a tutorial would be greatly appreciated.

0.11    31 December 2002
        Changes suggested by blair christensen, to allow alternate formatters.
        See the README for details and CGI::Wiki::Formatter::Default for an
        Took out some leftover debug stuff from CGI::Wiki::Search::SII.

0.10    19 December 2002
        Added a Search::InvertedIndex backend; currently only tested with
          the MySQL version of Search::InvertedIndex.  When running make test,
          if the Search::InvertedIndex tests are being run, the following tests
          will warn 'testdb is not open. Can't lock.' (but should pass):

        *** NOTE INTERFACE CHANGE ****
        Cleaned up the initialisation of the Wiki object, at the expense of
          a small interface change - you now need to create your store and
          (optional) search objects yourself and pass them as arguments
          to CGI::Wiki->new - read 'perldoc CGI::Wiki' (once installed)
          for details, or see examples/wiki.cgi in the tarball.

0.05    17 November 2002
        I'd uploaded an unfinished version by mistake.  One day I will figure
          out how to do this upload thing without screwing up.

0.04    17 November 2002
        Added a DBD::SQLite storage backend (thanks to blair christensen
          for a patch that makes up part of this).
        Added tests and docs for retrieval of old versions of pages
          (bad Kake, should have written those before implementing the
           feature; blair and Richard shamed me into getting it sorted now).
        retrieve_node_and_checksum is now deprecated -- retrieve_node is
          more clever and will return content only or a hash with content
          plus meta-data, according to context.  So you should get at the
          checksum via that.
        user-setup-postgres.pl was buggy, fixed now.
        Only two beer rewards now remain.

0.03    9 November 2002
        Forgot to regenerate and add the README (I've put it in the
        MANIFEST now to stop that happening again).  Also forgot to
        mention that I've upped the bribe.

0.02    9 November 2002
        Pulled out the database setup stuff into modules (Mark Fowler
          did most of this bit, thanks).
        Added recent_changes method and its tests, changed the example
          wiki to show how this can be used.
        Renamed some tests since the order they're run in matters now.
        Added better support for noninteractive installation (with help
          from Mark again).

0.01    28 October 2002
        Initial release.