Changes for 0.053       Fri Feb 11 10:07:08 CET 2005

*   0.052 did not ship with its META.yml, causing a few
    of the bundles modules to be indexed. This release is
    only relevant to the PAUSE indexer, and changes nothing
    on the client side whatsoever.

Changes for 0.052       Wed Feb  9 18:44:13 CET 2005

*   Make auto-installation work (with some guess work) if
*   Setup decent defaults for the callbacks, so scripts 
    don't have to set them unless they want actual callback
    behaviour (This helps ExtUtils::AutoInstall greatly).
*   chmod() extracted files to 755 so we do not get permission
    denied errors when trying to remove them or copy over them
    if they were not +w for the user.
*   Don't use sudo, even if it's configured, if the user is
    root already.
*   Default to 'prefer binary programs' if Compress::Zlib is
    not installed.
*   Make 'parse_module' deal better with paths that have sub
    directories in them.
*   Make 'parse_module' deal better with version numbers 
    that have letters in them.
*   Don't shell out to get the perl version if the perl we
    looking for is $^X;
*   Improve finding a proper homedir for cpanplus on VMS    
*   Accept the perl version as an optional argument to 
*   Require Test::Reporter 1.27 for test reporting; it fixes
    many bugs.
*   Only load Module::Build when we really needed it, not on
    any installation.
*   Fix a bug that made 's reconfigure' not use the defaults
    from your current config.
*   RedHat 9.0's stock perl has a few serious bugs in it 
    (they applied custom patches) and will break CPANPLUS
    badly. Add a note to the that redhat users
    should upgrade their perl.
*   CPANPLUS::inc was encountering 'use' calls that had windows
    paths rather than unix paths (???). Patch to compensate
    for this.
*   Module::Load::Conditional cache is being flushed in standard
    flush runs now, allowing use of LWP (and similar) when it
    becomes available, even if it previously wasn't.
*   Don't copy '' to '' during Makefile.PL
    stage -- if the user has a custom config and forgets to set
    the environment var, CPANPLUS' tests will use the wrong config.
*   Some tarballs have '.' as directory, rather than project sub
    directory. Guess first for extraction dir and verify, only 
    then try the actual extract path.
*   Improve documentation in the Default shell
*   Improve test reporting texts as supplied by Barbie
*   Add a callback to munge test reports before they are sent
*   Add versions of loaded dependencies to the test reports.
*   Make limited tests on skipped configuration work properly.    
*   Don't use sudo to install into our own sandbox for 
    Module::Build tests
*   Skip module::build tests if we're under PERL_CORE and
    M::B is not available (not yet integrated)
*   Skip install tests if run under PERL_CORE
*   Adjust include paths and paths to perl when tests are
    run under PERL_CORE
*   Update bundled IPC::Run to version 0.80    
*   Update bundled Module::Build to version 0.26081
*   Improve tests    

Changes for 0.051       Fri Jan 14 15:10:02 CET 2005

*   First official release in the ground-up rewrite '0.05x'
*   When determining installed versions, don't parse
    commented out versions
*   Version numbers of 'undef' aren't really versions, they
    are now treated as '0.0'
*   Split out 'create' into 'prepare' and 'create' so that 
    package manager plugins can provide an option to alter 
    metadata before actually building the package
*   Add convenience methods for 'prepare' and 'create'    
*   Update CPANPLUS::Dist::Sample docs to reflect new
    prepare functionality
*   Use constants where possible    
*   Add new methods 'contains' to get a list of modules 
    contained in a package
*   Update to bundle Module::Build 0.2607
*   Return to prefering Build.PL over Makefile.PL
*   Update various other bundled modules
*   Bundle Module::Pluggable for Dist:: plugin support
*   Missing test suites of module was not detected 
    properly, resultings in undeserved 'pass' grade
*   dslip data with ';' in it caused parse errors
*   Mark a fatal error when loading the shell and not being
    able to load a valid config file
*   Various spelling fixes
*   Improve tests

Changes for 0.050_04    Sun Dec 26 16:54:46 CET 2004

*   Add rsync support to CPANPLUS
*   List rsync mirrors during setup
*   Default to the email mentioned in during setup
*   Add timeout support for fetching files from mirrors
*   Config version has gone up because of new timeout version
    -- reconfiguration required
*   Mention Bundle::CPANPLUS::Dependencies in the Makefile.PL    
*   Add license information to dslip output
*   Send N/A Grade to cpantesters when your perl version is
    too low according to the Makefile.PL
*   Drop dependancy on Mail::Send for test reporting, use a 
    fixed version of Test::Reporter instead
*   Alias $modobj->name to $modobj->module for more DWIMery    
*   cpan2dist now allows creation of distributions from local
    tarballs as well
*   cpan2dist now uses the newly defined dist standard to find
    out where distributions were created
*   cpan2dist (and CPANPLUS::Dist) plugin detection is now regex
*   Specifying CPANPLUS object id's when creating fake module 
    or author objects is now optional
*   Small backward-compat hack to make sure old versions of
    ExtUtils::AutoInstall keep working with the new CPANPLUS
*   Various documentation patches
*   Update various bundled modules

Changes for 0.050_03    Fri Dec 17 13:54:48 CET 2004

*   Move to Module::Pluggable to find CPANPLUS::Dist::*
*   Make CPANPLUS::Dist::* generate a few required accessors
    itself, rather than making all submodules do it themselves
*   Rename to cpan2dist to be more 'unixish'
*   Improve cpan2dist diagnostics
*   Add pod to cpan2dist
*   Change config layout for distribution types (incompatible
    change -- will require reconfiguration)
*   Add 2-way version checking so cpanplus + its config can
    both verify if their counterparts are compatible
*   Move logic for 'best_path_to_module_build' to    
*   Make logic to detect installed modules follow symlinks
    (required for among others, debian)
*   'force install' will try even harder to install a module
    if it can, even if it previously failed.
*   Make test reports report the version of CPANPLUS, not the
    version of the constants file the headers are in.
*   Update various bundled modules to their newest versions
*   Stringify '$@' to avoid clobbering by sub routine calls
*   Various documentation improvements
*   Various spelling fixes
*   Clean up trailing whitespace from sources
*   Add more files to MANIFEST.skip
*   Update MANIFEST

Changes for 0.050_02    Fri Dec 10 15:03:39 CET 2004

*   Move CPANPLUS::Dist::(Deb|Ports) to it's own repository
*   Fix error when Test::Reporter is unavaliable
*   Various spelling fixes
*   Added CPANPLUS::Hacking pod with instructions how to hack on
*   Added an environment variable 'PERL5_CPANPLUS_IS_RUNNING' which
    will be set to the current process id, so subprocesses can
    recognize that they are running under CPANPLUS
*   Some wordings have changed for the setup, to make things a bit
*   Add 'do we have test::reporter support' probing code (used in
    test suite)
*   Add Mail::Send as a prerequisite for test::reporter support
*   Don't attempt to actually send test reports from our test suite
    -- Test::Reporter doesn't do that itself either, we might have 
    failed tests due to Test::Reporter rather than ourselves
*   Mention 'bundle::cpanplus::test::reporter' which has all the 
    modules needed to have test::reporter support enabled
*   Improved accuracy for core module detection logic and errors
*   More support for connecting to remote machines using 
    CPANPLUS::Daemon (not yet released, but will be soon)
*   Add extra clean up arguments to our own Makefile to remove temp
*   Extensive overhaul of CPANPLUS::Dist::Build to get Module::Build
    support working properly (lots of workarounds for bugs in the M::B
    API -- we now bundle a custom patched M::B (0.26061) to cope)
*   Module::Build now accepts buildflags    
*   Seperate inc path for installers (defacto only Module::Build
    right now)
*   Update various bundled modules like Object::Accessor, IPC::Cmd,
*   Smarter loading of bundled modules    
*   Various speed optimizations
*   't --force' can send a new test::report now
*   Don't force current installer format onto prereqs, unless it's
    explicitly requested
*   Make the default shell be aware when it's running in noninteractive
    mode, making sure it makes no suggestions with require interactivity
*   Add a message about where the module was extracted to in verbose mode    
Changes for 0.050_1     Fri Dec 3 21:07:12 CET 2004

*   Initial beta release of CPANPLUS 0.050
*   Complete ground up rewrite