0.01  Wed Aug 12 21:58:13 1998

    - original version; created by h2xs 1.18

0.02  Sun Oct 25 20:18:17 1998

    - Added several Win32 API functions (typemap courtesy 
      of Win32::APIRegistry):

    - Ported FindWindowLike (MS-KB, Article ID: Q147659) from VB to
      Perl. Instead of using VB's "like", I used Perl regexps.
0.03  Sun Oct 31 18:31:52 1999

    - Perhaps first version released thru CPAN (user: erngui).

    - Changed name from Win32::Test to Win32::GuiTest

    - Fixed bug: using strdup resulted in using system malloc and 
      perl's free, resulting in a runtime error.  
      This way we always use perl's malloc. Got the idea from

0.04  Fri Jan 7 17:44:00 2000

    - Fixed Compatibility with ActivePerl 522. Thanks to
      Johannes Maehner <johanm@camline.com> for the initial patch.
      There were two main issues: 
        /1/ ActivePerl (without CAPI=TRUE) compiles extensions in C++ mode 
            (some casts from void*, etc.. were needed).
        /2/ The old typemap + buffers.h I was using had been rendered
            incompatible by changes in ActivePerl. As the incompatible typemaps
            were redundant, I deleted them. 
      Now it works on ActivePerl (both using 'perl makefile.pl' 
      and 'perl makefile.pl CAPI=TRUE') and on CPAN perl 

    - As requests for changes keep comming in, I've decided to put it all
      under version control (cvs if you're curious about it).	

0.05 Sat Mar 11 23:11:42 2000

    - Added support for sending function keys (e.g. "%{F4}"). A new test 
      script is added to the distribution (eg\notepad.pl) to test
      this functionality.

    - Code cleanup to make adding new keywords easier.

0.06 Sun Mar 12 01:51:18 2000

    - Added support for sending mouse events.
      Thanks to Ben Shern <shernbj@louisville.stortek.com> for the idea 
      and original code. Also added 'eg\paint.pl' to the distribution to
      test this functionality.

    - Code cleanup.

0.07 Sun Nov 19 13:02:00 2000

    - Added MouseMoveAbsPix to allow moving the mouse to an absolute pixel 
      coordinate instead of using mouse_event's (0, 0) to (65535, 65535) 
      Thanks to Phill Wolf <pbwolf@bellatlantic.net> for the idea 
      and original code. Also added 'eg\paint_abs.pl' to the distribution 
      to test this functionality.

    - Added binaries for the ActivePerl distribution. 

0.08 Sun Dec 17 19:33:07 2000

    - Added WMGetText to allow getting the content of an EDIT window. See 
      'eg\notepad_text.pl' for more details. 
      Thanks to Mauro <m_servizi@yahoo.it> from Italy for the idea. 

0.09 Thu Jan 4 22:30:50 2001

    - Added {SPC} action to sendkeys to simulate hitting the spacebar.
      Thanks to Sohrab Niramwalla <sohrab.niramwalla@utoronto.ca> for the 

1.00 Sun May 13 22:02:01 2001

    - Fixed a bug in FindWindowLike that caused duplicated window handles to
      be returned.

    - Simplified the logic in FindWindowLike.

    - Added IsChild and GetChildDepth functions. Exported GetChildWindows.

    - Added more tests (tightening the net in XP-speak)

    - Added 'eg\spy--.pl' to the distribution.

1.10 Sun Jun 17 19:54:27 2001

    - Added GetWindowRect, GetScreenRes, ScreenToNorm and NormToScreen,
      following suggestion and code from Frank van Dijk <fvdijk@oke.nl>.

    - Added SendMessage, PostMessage, GetCursorPos, AttachWin,
      additional SendKeys flags (Windows keys and context menu),
      WMSetText, GetCaretPos, GetFocus, GetActiveWindow, GetForegroundWindow,
      SetActiveWindow, EnableWindow, IsWindowEnabled, IsWindowVisible and
      ShowWindow (+ constants to use it).

      Thanks to Jarek Jurasz <jurasz@imb.uni-karlsruhe.de> for all of them.

      Jarek also provided two scripts: 'eg\showmouse.pl' and 'eg\showwin.pl'.
      I found showwin very interesting (if somewhat dangerous!).

      He also fixed an export list problem (WMGetKey was mentioned instead
      of WMGetText) and added export tags :ALL and :SW, so that full module
      functionality can be imported with

                   use Win32::GuiTest qw(:ALL :SW);

    - Added IsWindow, ScreenToClient, ClientToScreen, IsCheckedButton and

    - SendKeys now takes an optional parameter to change the default 50 ms
      delay between keystrokes. Suggested by Wilson P. Snyder II

1.20 Wed Jul 18 20:44:11  2001

    - Added GetComboText, GetComboContents, GetListText and GetListContents
      to allow easy extraction of data from list and combo boxes.

    - Added 'eg\fonts.pl' to show the new functionality. This script opens
      the Notepad "Font" dialog and prints to stdout the contents of the Font

    - Fixed bug in SendMessage (and others), where the return value was lost
      Caused by a missing OUTPUT tag.

    - Added IsKeyPressed function. Suggested by Rudi Farkas.
      See 'eg\keypress.pl' for a demo. Works even if the script
      is running in the background.

1.30 Sat Dec  1 20:50:02 2001

    - Fixed bad POD formating. Added podchecker and html pod generation to makedist.bat.

    - Added PushButton and PushChildButton. Based on code from an anonymous contributor. Thanks!
      See 'eg\pushbutton.pl' for an example.

    - Fixed a problem when building with Active State, build 526.

1.40 --- ---  - --:--:-- ----

    Big thanks to an anonymous contributor for the following pieces:

    - Added WaitWindowLike and WaitWindow. See 'eg\WaitWindow.pl' for an example.
      The test.pl code changed as a consequence as I now use WaitWindowLike instead
      of sleep+FindWindowLike. 

    - Added IsWindowStyle and IsWindowStyleEx and 'eg/IsWindowStyle.pl'.

    - Added SelectTabItem and 'eg/selecttabitem.pl'.

    - Added MenuSelect and 'eg/menuselect.pl'.

    - Refactored the test code.

    - Fixed a couple of PPCODE bugs reported by a nice contributor.

    - Added SetWindowPos (thanks to Paul Covington).

    - Several TabCtrl functions (also courtesy of Paul Covington).

1.49 Wed May 08 23:08:09 2002

    - Added Win32::GuiTest::Cmd module to simplify command-line type tasks.

    - Added DibSect module (writen by Jarek Jurasz) that allows screen-shot 
      type functionality.

    - Added some pod documentation submitted by Jarek Jurasz.

    - Cleaned-up the pod docs.
    - Moved all constants into Win32/GuiTest/GuiTest.pc to allow them 
      to be autogenerated in the future.
    - Rationalized EXPORT_OK.

    - Changed makefile.pl to include author info in the ppd file.

1.49.1 Wed May 22 00:00:00 2002

    - Improved IsKeyPressed.

1.49.2 Tue Jun 04 15:39:23 2002

    - Improved IsKeyPressed (again).

    - Added VK_* constants and KEYEVENTF_* flags.

    - Added SendRawKey function.

1.50 (Test Version) Sun Jun 22 ??:??:?? 2003

    - Added use of AttachWin() for those functions that require the
      window to be attached to the calling thread's message queue.

1.50.1-ad Thu Apr 08 20:45:00 2004

    - Fixed crash with MenuSelect when used on MDI applications with documents
      maximized. (CTRONDLP)

    - Implemented pertinent parts of Jonathan A's patch for CygWin Perl. (CTRONDLP)

    - Added WindowFromPoint function and wptr.pl example script. (CTRONDLP)

    - Added the MouseClick function and documentation. (CTRONDLP)

1.50.2-ad Sun May 30 12:40:00 2004

    - Push*Button() functions will now correctly not manipulate disabled
      buttons. (CTRONDLP)

    - Fixed various compiler warnings. (CTRONDLP)

    - Minor updates to the documentation. (CTRONDLP)

    - Included initial script recording application; which is still a
      work-in-progress. (CTRONDLP)

1.50.3-ad Wed Feb 02 17:42:00 2005

     - Add more examles in eg directory (SZABGAB)
     - Tests using Test::More now (SZABGAB)
     - Some more documentation (SZABGAB)
     - Explanation how to setup development environment (SZABGAB)
     - A number of new exported methods regarding Menu items
       such as GetMenuItemInfo 
     - Added support for some 32bit controls: GetListViewContents, 
       SelListViewItem, SelListViewItemText, GetTabItems,
       SelTabItem, SelTabItemText, SelTreeViewItemPath (CTRONDLP)
     - Added basic mouse wheel support: MouseMoveWheel (CTRONDLP)
     - Added IsListViewItemSel and IsTabItemSel (CTRONDLP)
     - Updated SetFocus routine with AttachWin code (CTRONDLP)

1.50.4 Sun Oct 02 15:00:00 2005

     - Added some code to Makefile.PL to help with environments
       where file name case is of concern. (CTRONDLP)
     - Fixed case of GetMenuItemID
     - FindWindowLike will now handle control Ids = 0.
     - Added following functions:
        * AllocateVirtualBuffer
        * FreeVirtualBuffer
        * ReadFromVirtualBuffer
        * WriteToVirtualBuffer
       All those functions can be implementing marshaling when sending
       messages to advanced controls
        * WaitForReady
        * SelComboString
        * PushChildById
     - Rewriten function SelTreeViewItemPath
     - Modified POD in GuiTest.pm in INSTALLATION section. Added SEE ALSO
     - Added Rafe Lafrance's GetPopupHandle

1.50.5 Tue Nov 29 15:00:00 2005

     - Added multicolumn GetListViewContents, implemented by Denis Howe.
       Thanks to Charles Kuo for testing this

1.51 Fri Sep 28 10:58:05 CEST 2007

     - Compile and pass tests under cygwin; file cases and locations rearranged
     - Calculator test fixed
     - Add POD tests, remove explicit podchecker and pod2html calls
     - Remove various obsolete targets (ppm,Build.PL,readme.html) and shape up Makefile.PL
       for modern ExtUtils::MakeMaker 

1.52 Fri Oct 5 16:00 CEST 2007
     - IsKeyPressed and SendKeys recognize integers as VK codes

1.53 Sat Oct 6 14:00 CEST 2007
     - Add UnicodeSemantics()
     - GetWindowText and its called (FindWindowLike etc) can operate in Unicode now

1.54 Tue Oct 9 10:00 CEST 2007
     - SendKeys rewritten in Perl to allow more powerful grouping and to understand

1.55 Tue Dec 15 22:00 CEST 2007
     - First attempts to make Win32::GuiTest object oriented. FindWindowLike
       modified (changes are backward compatible)

1.56 Wed Oct  1 13:28:34 CEST 2008
     - Allow 'make dist' and limited 'make test' on non-Win32 platforms
     - Screen to mickey conversion patch by Tony Skelding