Revision history for Perl script xls2csv.

1.07 Jan 21, 2012
    - BUG#64000 - 0 is no longer treated as "empty"
    - BUG#33248 - Added the -f option, which will force rows to be parsed even if the first column is blank.
    - Added the -n option, which lets you specify the worksheet you want to convert by its number.

1.06 Fri Sep 30
	- Now works with multiple worksheets. The worksheet name may be specified with -w.
	Can also now get a list of all the worksheets in a spreadsheet with the -W switch.
	Thanks to David Sheldon for submitting the patch that added this functionality.

1.04 Sun Sep 25
	- After reviewing CPAN Testers reports, I realized that Makefile.PL should be specifying Unicode::Map as a prereq.
        Now it does. Hopefully the test script won't die anymore.

1.03 Sat Sep 24
	- Makefile.PL was requiring perl 5.8.6. This has been lowered to 5.6.0
        - "-v" will now show the version
        - Reading of the spreadsheet will now continue if a blank line is encountered.
1.02 Fri Sep 23
        - Now distributed in a much nicer tar.gz package.

1.00 - 1.01  Fri Sep 23
	- original version(s)
		These were uploaded to CPAN as single pl files 
		instead of an installable package..oops.