Revision history for MooseX-Has-Sugar

0.05046611 2010-08-17 06:30:39 Pacific/Auckland
          Improved docs and tests for Saccharin. ( Alexandr Ciornii / chorny )
          Eradicated excess in xt/.

0.05044303 2010-07-24 22:03:50 Pacific/Auckland
          Migrate to @KENTNL Dzil.
          Rework t/ dirs.
          Drop depend on MX::Types in tests.
          Drop accidental dep on Test::Kwalitee

0.0405    2009-12-04 22:20:43 Pacific/Auckland
          Toolkit upgrade & rebuild.
          Testsuite cleanup.
          Documentation overhaul with ::Weaver
          Dropped :allattrs from MXHS as its identical to :default
          Tests drop Find::Lib;

0.0404    2009-07-06 03:34:10 UTC
          Added Saccharin, experimental sugars.

0.0403    2009-06-30 13:56:07 UTC
          Using Dist::Zilla's handy author-tests feature
          Revised Docmentation a little to be more correct

0.0402    2009-06-29 19:43:05 UTC
          Fixed missing META.yml in Dzil build

0.0401    2009-06-29 18:16:51 UTC
          Fixed Dep on Moose Test.
          Moved to Dist::Zilla.
          Loads of edits for change

0.0400    Sun Jun 28 12:53:52 NZST 2009
          Improved Test cases
          Improved meta dependency advertising
          added 'bare' keyword.

0.0300    Sat May 30 04:22:57 NZST 2009
          export group :is/-is moved to ::Minimal.
          MX::H::S::Minimal exports by default
          MX::H::Sugar exports all list-flavours by default.
          MX::H::Sugar croaks if group :is is requested.
          Test/Documentation updated.

0.0200    Sun May 17 09:38:31 NZST 2009
          Fixed META.yml
          Added weak_ref, coerce and auto_deref to -attrs
          Added collision detection to complain if you use it wrong.
          Removed Constant Folding based subs, too pesky at present.
          Added A bunch of tests.

0.0100    Fri May 15 21:18:30 NZST 2009
          First version.