Revision history for Perl CPAN module Lingua::En::NameParse

1.22 12 Jul 2005
    Added the Mr_John_Smith_&_Ms_Mary_Jones name type
    Added the John_Smith_&_Mary_Jones name type
    Added the John_&_Mary_Smith name type
    Added the A_Smith_&_B_Jones name type
    Updated distribution to current CPAN requirements 

1.21 20 May 2005
    Fixed bug that was creating a name cased surname of O'sullivan, now O'Sullivan
    Added report method to dump all name properties and components
    Added several new suffixes such as PhD

1.20 16 Feb 2004
    Fixed bug that was preventing some extended titles, such as 'Major General'
    from working

1.19 27 Dec 2003
    Fixed bug in rules.t, thanks to Assad Arnaud 
    Added more valid surnames in _valid_name, thanks to Peter Schendzielorz

1.18 28 Mar 2002
    Fixed bug in rules.t, thanks to Assad Arnaud 
    Added more reserved words
    Added option to use a limited set of common titles (improves speed)

1.17 21 Mar 2002:
    Added option to remove joint names from grammar (100% speed improvement!)
    NOTE that by default, joint names (Mr & Mrs AB Smith) are not recognized

    Applied correct capitalization to single possessive word, such as French's
    Added Dalle, dela and dall' to list of Italian surname prefixes
    Added San to list of Spanish surname prefixes
    Detect reserved words, such as Pty Ltd in pre parse stage

1.16 24 Sep 2001:
    Minor additions to README file

1.15 25 Jul 2001:
    Added more complete list to surname_prefs.txt

    Allowed for a surname prefix of Dell', as in Dell'Arte

    Added case_all_reversed method to return name in the format of
    surname, initials and/or given_names, useful for alphabetical sorting

    Length of given name set to at least 2 characters for name type John_A_Smith
    Names such as "Al B Jones" now parse correctly

    Length of given name set to at least 2 characters for name type John_Adam_Smith
    Names such as "Al Brian Jones" now parse correctly

    Created a new token for middle names, at least 2 characters long and a look 
    ahead to exclude prefixes. Names such as "Mary Jo White" and 
    "John Van Der Wald" now parse correctly

1.14 19 Jul 2001:
    Moved prefixes and suffixes back into grammar tree to stop invalid combinations
    Removed pre parse stage
    Changed case_surname to correctly capitalize suffixes in roman numeral format
    Removed POD directives from README
    Added J_Adam_Smith name type, thanks to Michael Cesar

1.13 25 Apr 2001:

    Initialised values for all parsed name components to empty string
    Fixed POD errors, thanks to Jason Gallagher

1.12  4 Apr 2001:
    Allowed for titles in John_Adam_Smith name type (they were  being consumed to early as given names).
    Fixed some incorrect title regular expressions
    Added 'dela' to list of surname Italian prefixes

1.11 24 Feb 2001:
    Fixed bug in Makefile.PL, caused by omission of
1.10 22 Feb 2001:
    Allowed for apostrophes in given names, like D'Artagnan
    Fixed bug for suffixes in 'John_Smith' name type
    Added the John_Adam_Smith name type

    Added correct capitalization of possessive proper names such as 
    Australia's to case_surname. Thanks to Dennis Ingram.

    Precursors and suffixes now detected in pre-parsing stage
    Removed precursor and suffix tree from grammar
    Removed Senior and Junior as suffixes, as they are valid surnames
    Extended range of suffixes in roman numeral format
    Moved grammar definition to separate module

1.05  7 Jan 2001:
    Updated README file
    Added test of lower casing prefixes to rules.t

1.04 10 Dec 2000:
    Allowed for reversed order names where the surname appears first, followed
    by a comma and the remaining components of  the name, such as title, 
    first name, initials etc.

1.03 25 Jul 2000:
    Added suffixes (like Jnr) to most single names 
    Replaced '=head3' because they don't work with perldoc
    Removed search of @INC array in BEGIN subroutine 
    Thanks to Douglas Wilson for these requests

1.02 19 Apr 2000:
    Removed title J\.? (abbreviation for Judge) as it clashed  with names such
    as J A Smith, J. B. Jones etc. Thanks to  Adam Huffman for spotting this bug

1.01 15 Apr 2000:
    auto_clean option now removes commas from input
    Improved regular expressions in 'clean' sub, thanks to Mark Summerfield

    Catered for initials with both dots and spaces, such as A. B. Smith, requested by Adam Huffman

1.00 27 Dec 1999:
    Added user defined file of surname capitalization over rides
    Allowed for salutations where precursor is not an estate

0.40 14 Sep 1999:
    Added the Mr_John_A_Smith and John_A_Smith name types
    Allowed for hyphenated given names 

0.30 21 Aug 1999:
    Allowed for user defined length of initials
    Added the Mr_John_Smith name type
    Added the John_Smith name type
    Surnames with the D' prefix now correctly capitalised
    If a parsed name had no components, the components method returned an odd
    numbered hash and case_components returned 1. Both these methods now return
    undef in this situation                 

0.10 04 Jul 1999:
    Allowed for lower casing of surname prefixes

0.04 16 May 1999:
    Added test script for rule ordering
    Added more titles, improved documentation

0.03 02 May 1999:
    Altered output of test script to work with Test::Harness
    Modified &clean to remove single leading or trailing space

0.02 01 May 1999:
    Added test script, converted source to Unix format

0.01 25 Apr 1999: First Release