Created:      2009-04-23
Bug tracker:  <https://github.com/kjetilk/RDF-LinkedData/issues>
Maintainer:   Kjetil Kjernsmo <mailto:kjetilk@cpan.org>

0.50  2012-06-29  # Use VoID Generator.

 - (Addition) Add descriptions to POD and README.
 - (Addition) RDF::LinkedData now can use RDF::Generator::Void, but not all
   its features.
 - (Removal) Remove SQLite generator script.
 - Some minor fixes.
 - The content method is now private.
 - Use current_etag instead of etag

0.44  2012-06-12  # Bugfix release.

 - (Addition) More tests (obviously).
 - (Bugfix) Actually, the TODO test about content type failed for everyone
 - (Bugfix) The endpoint path was not correctly sent to the hypermedia.
 - Some minor fixes.
 - Use empty string as default base_uri

0.42  2012-06-11  # Enable very basic VoID for hypermedia.

 - (Addition) Add hypermedia method which will be on by default to enable
 - (Addition) Add namespaces_as_vocabularies method which will be on by
   default to use declared namespaces as vocabularies.
 - (Addition) Add void:endpoint and void:vocabulary to all output if
 - Some minor test and code fixes.
 - TODO test about content type now pass.
 - Use Test::RDF 0.26.
 - Use the github issue tracker.

0.40  2012-04-04  # Refactoring and code improvements.

 - (Addition) Add Etag support
 - (Addition) Add URI::Escape configure_requires.
 - (Addition) Major refactor to create a Plack::App::RDF::LinkedData.
 - (Addition) More tests on HTML/RDFa content.
 - (Addition) Use Module::Install::RDF to manage the metadata.
 - (Addition) Use several Middleware modules in the psgi (For HEAD
   requests, CORS and Etag).
 - (Removal) Remove the Moose::Role, not clear that we need it.
 - Major refactor to improve the RDF::LinkedData class.
 - Many minor test and code fixes.
 - Restructure the documentation.
 - Use MooseX::UndefTolerant to allow the endpoint_config to be undef.
 - Use RDF::RDFa::Generator. This alters the HTML output significantly.

0.30  2011-06-09  # Use RDF::Endpoint for the same data.

 - (Addition) Added request method to pass the whole request rather than
   just headers.
 - (Addition) Optionally use RDF::Endpoint to set up a SPARQL endpoint for
   the data.
 - (Bugfix) Add the subject URI to the HTML output, since this would often
 - (Bugfix) Correct test dep to Test::JSON rather than just JSON.
 - (Removal) headers_in method removed.
 - Allow namespaces to be skipped from the config.
 - Many minor documentation fixes.
 - Many minor test and code fixes.
 - Remove Test::NoWarnings; too many false positives.

0.20  2011-02-08  # Improved conneg; use Test::RDF; Many small fixes.

 - (Addition) Add tests for more browser Accept headers.
 - (Addition) Improve documentation of configuration (thanks to Thomas
   Kappler for input).
 - (Bugfix) Gives HTML page for default Firefox Accept header.
 - (Update) Now requires RDF::Trine 0.133.
 - Consistently name the base URI base_uri.
 - Content negotation much improved.
 - Many minor documentation fixes.
 - Many minor test and code fixes.
 - Now use the RDF::Trine::Store->new method, since it now supports
   checking the type itself.
 - Use the new Test::RDF module for testing.

0.18  2010-12-09  # Minor JSON syntax documentation bug fix release.

 - (Bugfix) Found out the hard way that JSON doesn't allow single quotes.

0.16  2010-12-09  # Instantiate on startup; Many small fixes.

 - (Addition) Add basic support for Access-Control-Allow-Origin.
 - (Addition) Add tests for more Accept headers (TODO stuff).
 - (Addition) Support setting namespace in config.
 - (Addition) Use the base if the source has not set its own.
 - (Bugfix) Move ld instantiation to outside of the coderef for big
   performance gain.
 - Many minor documentation fixes.
 - Many minor test and code fixes.
 - No main-namespaced variable needed for tests.
 - Remove logging unless in verbose mode.
 - Use a memory model for testing that loads the file directly

0.14  2010-08-26  # Use URI object.

 - (Update) Fix the warning described in
 - (Update) Using URI objects throughout makes more intensive use of
   absolute URIs.
 - Minor documentation fixes.

0.12  2010-08-24  # Support base URI.

 - (Addition) Support base URI in serializations for RDF::Trine 0.127_02.
 - (Addition) Use Module::Install::AuthorTests.

0.10  2010-08-19  # Better tested release.

 - (Addition) Add TODO test to check whether Firefox' default Accept header
   returns data.

0.09_1  2010-08-18  # Refactor helper modules; .

 - (Addition) Add namespaces method to set a hashref with RDF namespaces.
 - (Addition) create a helper_properties method to pass the properties.
 - (Bugfix) Remove -T switch from load.t, since it borks on some systems.
 - (Update) Split off RDF::LinkedData::Predicates into distribution of its
 - Move POD-tests to xt.

0.08  2010-08-02  # Update to use config hashrefs and various fixes for recent RDF::Trine.

 - (Update) Explicitly ask for text/html in tests since RDF::Trine 0.124
   needs it.
 - (Update) No Accept header will return turtle data.
 - (Update) Require RDF::Trine 0.125.
 - Now use a hashref config for new_with_config instead of config string.

0.06  2010-06-13  # Minor POD syntax documentation bug fix release.

 - (Addition) Add number of PSGI tests.
 - (Bugfix) Fix minor POD bugs.

0.05  2010-06-13  # Major refactor, use Moose and Plack.

 - (Addition) A response method contains most of the logic.
 - (Addition) Create RDF::LinkedData::ProviderRole, a Moose::Role with a
   default implementation.
 - (Addition) Create a Plack PSGI script to run the server. This also
   serves as a basic usage example.
 - (Addition) Create a RDF::LinkedData::Predicates with a title,
   description and page methods.
 - (Addition) More documentation.
 - (Addition) More tests, also unit testing.
 - (Addition) Use Config::JFDI for configuration.
 - (Addition) Use Plack::Response and HTTP::Headers in the role itself.
 - (Addition) use Moose
 - (Removal) Remove Mojolicious::Lite script.
 - Many smaller changes.

0.03  2010-05-06  # Add page method to use foaf:page for redirects.

 - (Addition) Add a page method that uses foaf:homepage or foaf:page to
   override the default page for redirect.
 - (Bugfix) Really does require RDF::Trine 0.122.
 - (Removal) Remove boilerplate tests.
 - Minor cleanups.

0.02  2010-05-05  # Use RDF::Trine's conneg and bounded description code.

 - (Addition) Add and improve a type method that returns page or data.
 - (Addition) Add some log messages.
 - (Addition) Use RDF::Trine's bounded description code.
 - (Addition) Use RDF::Trine's content negotiation code.
 - (Addition) Use a HTTP::Headers object for conneg.
 - (Removal) Remove the negotiate method.
 - Require RDF::Trine 0.121.

0.001_01  # Code on Github by Gregory Todd Williams.

0.01  2010-04-29  # Initial release. Kjetil Kjernsmo refactored Gregs code to separate the web server logic from the rest.