Version 0.2

Lots of changes!  Be careful, or it will bite your butt. :-/

The default for the Synchronous option is now 1.  This is a `good thing'(tm).

Completely revamped the callback architecture.

Added more documentation.

Added URI::imap and URI::acap

-[ xAP.pm ]--------------------------------------------------------------------

Added ability to fork child process as an alternative to a network
connection.  This is useful for UW-imapd.

Added close_connection method, to tidy up situations where a command
is issued on a closed connection.  The command method now returns
undef if issued against a closed connection.

The send_command method has been renamed to _send_command to reflect
the fact that it's an internal command.

Literals used to only work for last arg of a command - they now work
for other arg positions.

Added support for non-synchronizing literals.

Added timestamp to debug_print method.

The $xAP_* variables have been replaced with constants.  They'be also
been renamed (s/\$xAP_//).  I don't like what I have to do to use them
in the subclasses, but the 'use strict' is fighting me.  Let me know
if you know how to fix it without losing the extra checking of things
like 'use strict'.

Added support for SASL.

-[ IMAP.pm ]-------------------------------------------------------------------

Added some regression tests.  They currently require uw-imapd.

Added support for IMAP namespace extension defined in RFC2342.

Added support for IMAP non-synchronizing extension defined in RFC2088.

Started adding support for IMAP uidplus extension defined in RFC2359.


Added support for mapping LF <-> CRLF

Many changes to the internal data format.

Added methods for accessing data received from the server.

Added authtypes, has_authtypes, and capabilities methods for accessing
server capability information.

_valid_flag now down-cases its arg before checking its validity

The _select_callback method no longer checks to see if the command
succeeded to decide whether to populate the EXISTS, RECENT,
UIDVALIDITY, etc data in the object.

The _expunge_callback method updates the quantity of messages in the
currently selected folder.

The append method now does a cursory format check of the optional date
value.  This is probably a good thing, since it's a slightly different
format that most programmers would be slinging.

Various bug fixes
	+ auth= check in capability response in now case-insensitive
	+ misc minor fixes and tweaks

Version 0.1
Initial alpha release.