Changes in 1.2.0
    Rename pmake script to pure-perl-make to avoid conflicting with the BSD pmake

Changes in 1.1.5
    Clean up MANIFEST, especially to avoid MYMETA.* files ending up in the distribution
    Update perltidy config, get rid of tabs

Changes in 1.1.4
    Fix META information to modernize Makefile.PL and META.JSON. (Chase Whitener)
    Remove .git info from the build. (Chase Whitener)
    Split things out into their proper module files. (Chase Whitener)

Changes in 1.1.3
    new pod test, pod fixes, MANIFEST fix (Lisa Hare)

Changes in 1.1.2
    fixed declaration of minimum Test::Compile version
        a number of CPANtesters failures occured because
        the test had an older non-OO version installed
    use strict, use warnings everywhere, other bits of cleanup

Changes in 1.1.1
    clean-up with tidyall/perltidy, add configs for them
    add tidy related tests
    use strict and warnings in all tests
    mostly releasing to get properly CPAN indexed

Changes in 1.1.0
    Cheat to allow installation on Strawberry Perl 5.22.0
    add META.yml and META.json
    modernize Makefile.PL
    add /lib and move there
    match up distribution and module version numbers

Changes in 0.03
    Handle $(mktmp,file ...) for Win32
    Handle dmake-like $(var:s,\,\\,) for Win32
    Collapse rules which are partially specified as variables e.g.
        $(INST_STATIC) :
        libpTk.a :
    both add dependancies to libpTk.a
    Use negative-lookbehind to implement $$ as a literal $ e.g. in
    command line perl scripts.
    Add a test to keep cpan-testers from complaining it has not got one.

Changes is 0.02
    Sarathy's Win32 patches
    Handle blank lines in build command sequences
    Add README, Changes