Revision history for Perl extension Class-Throwable.

0.13    2015/02/04
        - fix for #101937 (SEE ALSO pod fix)

0.12    2015/02/04
        - fix for #100890 (typos/spelling)

0.11    2009/07/26
        - win32 compatibility patch 

0.10    2004/12/12
        - changed the output format to a more compact
          (each stack frame takes one line rather than 6)
        - altered tests to accomidate this
        - added example output to the docs

0.09    2004/11/30
        - added the 'retrofit' capabilities, see the docs for 
          more information about this
        - added 't/50_Class_Throwable_retrofit_test.t' 
          to test this functionality

0.08    2004/11/26
        - still trying to fix some platform specific issues
          with the tests.

0.07    2004/11/24
        - my fix for the test files was wrong (I have to admit
          I didnt test it on the other platforms, I was lazy, 
          but the bad kind of lazy). This should work now.

0.06    2004/11/24
        - fixed some test files which were failing because
          of platform specific path seperators, no other code
          has been changed.
        - changed Makefile.PL to have 'use 5.006' in it to assure
          that this is only run with modern perls.

0.05    2004/11/18
        - now using Scalar::Util::blessed() instead of 
          the convoluted UNIVERSAL::isa() stuff. 
        - added Scalar::Util as a dependency

0.04    2004/10/04
        - I changed the way Verbosity is handled. Removing
          the $Class::Throwable::VERBOSE variable, in favor
          of a more flexible alternative. 
        - added tests and docs for this

0.03    2004/10/01
        - added the new method, and altered how throw 
          handles things
        - added tests for this

0.02    2004/09/16
        - fixed an issue in one of the test cases, 
          nothing else changed

0.01    2004/09/11
        - module created and documented