2000-09-12  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* MMagic.pm : Added image/png entry.
	(suggested by Jamie LeTual. Thanks.)
	Version 1.08.

2000-08-09  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* MMagic.pm (new): Added '\.' in $self->{FILEEXTS}.
	(reported by Yasunori Tada. Thanks.)
	Version 1.07.

2000-03-29  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* MMagic.pm: Removed "\v" from %ESC.

2000-03-23  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* MMagic.pm: Added some entries.
	(committed by kenzo-. Thanks.)

2000-03-08  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* Version 1.03.

	* MMagic.pm (addMagicEntry): Changed priority for added entry.

2000-03-03  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* Version 1.02.

	* MMagic.pm: Added the original copyrignt.
	(I apology to the original author David Kulp, I overlook it.)
	(magicMatchStr): Fixed short data handling probrem.

2000-02-29  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* Fixed version number. Version 1.01.
	* Version 1.00.

	* MMagic.pm (checktype_filehandle): Fixed to work multiple subtests.

2000-02-28  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* MMagic.pm: Changed URI for Namzu Project.
	(contributed by Satoru Takabayasi)
	Fixed to work multiple subtests.
	Changed some entries for MicroSoft Office files.
	Fixed addFileExts() bug.
	Changed to check file-extends for case insensitive.

	* perl-File-MMagic.spec: Created.
	(contributed by Ryuji Abe)

2000-02-24  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* MMagic.pm: Changed to work subtest matching.

2000-02-10  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* Version 0.20.

	* MMagic.pm: Fixed media type for RIFF format.
	Added audio/mpeg, video/mpeg, video/quicktime format.
	(Thanks for Mr. Perter Breton.)

1999-12-02  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* prel-File-MMagic.spec: Renamed from File-MMagic.spec.

1999-11-30  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* MMagic.pm: Version 0.19.

1999-11-29  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* MMagic.pm: Changed to work with Win32 envoronment.
	Added excel, powerpoint, ichitaro* entries.
	(Thanks for kenzo-.)

1999-11-15  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* MMagic.pm (new): Changed to handle specified filename for
	magic file.
	(Thanks for Mr. Philippe Chiasson.)

1999-10-27  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* Added 'AUTHOR' and 'ABSTRACT' paramaters on Makefile.PL.

1999-10-05  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* Added excluding character CR on check_binary() function.

1999-09-14  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* Changed to return magicMatchStr function when null string is
	specified in $str.

1999-09-13  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* Changed `text/html' SPECIALS entry.
	* Added empty check on checktype_data, checktype_magic.
	* Removed non-standard type entry from %SPECIALS, %FILEEXTS, __DATA__.
	* Added new methods addSpecials, addFileExts, addMagicEntry.
	* Moved global %SPECIALS, %FILEEXTS variable to object.
	* Renamed spec file.

1999-09-10  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* Added spec file.
	(Thanks to Mr.Abe.)

1999-09-09  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* Fixed unescaped space in VRML magic entry.
	 (Thanks to Mr.Takaku.)

1999-09-08  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* Changed %SPECIALS contents.
	  (Remove 'Organization:' from news,
	   add space character on rfc822/news message header,
	   add "^X-Mailer: " on rfc822,
	   add "^X-Newsreader: " on news,
	   add "^From ", "^To: " on rfc822.)

	* Separated checktype_magic() from checktype_contents().

1999-09-06  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* Added excluding character TAB on check_binary() function.
	 (Tkanks to Mr.Takaku)
	* Added VRML magic entries. (Tkanks to Mr.Takaku)
1999-08-03  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* Fixed flie close bug in checktype_filehandle().
	 (Thanks to Mr. Alan)

1999-07-29  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* Fixed %SPECIALS evaluation bug.
	* Release version 0.16.

1999-07-14  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* Added blessing FileHandle process in new function.
	 (Thanks to Mr. majiCk)

1999-07-13  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* Release version 0.15.
1999-07-06  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* Fix %SPECIALS media types.
	 (text/(rfc822|news) is bad, message/* is correct.
	  Thanks to Mr.Takaku.)
	* Changed %SPECIALS token regexp.

1999-06-29  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* Fix truncating data processing bug in checktype_data function
	 (pack('a8192') padded "\0", it cause a probrem.)

1999-06-18  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* Add initialize some variables code in readMagicEntry function
	 (to avoid '-w' warning).
	* Add length check code in checktype_contents function.

1999-06-17  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* Change %SPECIAL checking code.
	* Add checktype_byfilename function.
	* Add data truncation process on checktype_data function.

1999-06-16  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* Reorder some magic entries.
	* Fix MHonArc magic entry.
	* Add RFC check to %SPECIALS.

1999-06-15  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* Add 2 magic entries (MHonArc and bzip2).

1999-06-14  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* Add the Apache License.
	 (Thanks to Ian Kluft.)
	* Add checktype_contents() function.
	* Add zero check routine in check_binary() funciton.

1999-06-11  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* Change __DATA__ handling.
	 (Thanks to Mr. Inaba, Mr. Maeda, and fj.comp.lang.perl.)

1999-06-10  NOKUBI Takatsugu  <knok@daionet.gr.jp>

	* Initial version.
	* Branch 'classify' version.