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Version 14, October 2011
    - new AlmostPrimes, MephistoWaltz
    - Primorials new ith()

Version 13, October 2011
    - new GolombSequence, Kolakoski, JugglerSteps, LiouvilleFunction,
      Totient, TotientCumulative, TotientSum, TotientPerfect
    - DigitCount fix values_max() 
    - OEIS-File allow for CRLF line endings in b000000.txt files

Version 12, October 2011
    - new AsciiSelf, DivisorCount

Version 11, October 2011
    - new KlarnerRado

Version 10, October 2011
    - new BaumSweet, Pell

Version 9, October 2011
    - CollatzSteps use Math::BigInt if necessary

Version 8, October 2011
    - new Fibbinary, NumAronson, ReverseAdd, Tribonacci
    - Polygonal new pairs=>"average" parameter

Version 7, October 2011
    - RadixWithoutDigit pred() fix for digit=-1
    - various better inf/nan handling
    - Tetrahedral new pred() which was in the pod but not implemented
    - DigitSum new power parameter
    - new All, HappyNumbers

Version 6, September 2011
    - new Expression, MobiusFunction, PrimeFactorCount
    - Polygonal, RadixWithoutDigit, TwinPrimes fix for rewind()

Version 5, September 2011
    - new DigitSumModulo

Version 4, September 2011
    - new Primes, TwinPrimes, SophieGermainPrimes, Emirps, DigitCount,
    - document parameter_info_array() and parameter_info_list()

Version 3, August 2011
    - tests skip bigint bsqrt() not in perl 5.6.0

Version 2, August 2011
    - new DigitSum, DigitProduct

Version 1, August 2011
    - the first version, including
      Squares, Pronic, Triangular, Polygonal,
      Cubes, Tetrahedral, StarNumbers,
      Odd, Even,
      FractionDigits, SqrtDigits,
      Fibonacci, LucasNumbers, Factorials, Primorials,
      Repdigits, Palindromes, Beastly, CollatzSteps, File,
      DigitLength, DigitLengthCumulative, RadixWithoutDigit,
      ProthNumbers,  CullenNumbers,  WoodallNumbers,
      OEIS,  OEIS::Catalogue