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Version 14, January 2020
    - fix for Time::Local use, didn't intend its century guessing,
      symptom is another MKD of directories already created

Version 13, November 2017
    - Makefile.PL declare requirement for File::stat 1.02

Version 12, October 2017
    - new use_SSL
    - new sftp with Net::SFTP::Foreign

Version 11, February 2015
    - send file times with MFMT and 5-arg SITE UTIME too

Version 10, October 2014
    - send file times with SITE UTIME if the server has that

Version 9, February 2013
    - Net::FTP error message() should be in scalar context

Version 8, November 2012
    - use Regexp::Common::Emacs

Version 7, November 2012
    - print size of changes

Version 6, August 2012
    - command line files

Version 5, June 2012
    - upload to temp file on remote
    - create initial remote directory on first upload

Version 4, May 2011
    - don't upload .upfiles.sqdb-journal file

Version 3, September 2010
    - test manifest only as an author test

Version 2, April 2010
    - drop singleton instance stuff

Version 1, October 2009
    - the first version