1.02 - 2006/05/05 kurt@umleta.com
  - Model reflection implemented with XMI (no more Storeable errors).
  - Bootstrapping uses 3 passes to generate gen/perl:
    - Fully test model introspection during bootstrap
  - Preliminary MOF 1.3 and MOF 1.4.1 support:
    - Need Reference implementation (and code generation).
  - Preliminary XMI 1.1 support.
  - UMMF::Import::UMMFModel, UMMF::Core::Builder: 
    - Added <<metaclass>> support to UMMF::Import::UMMFModel.
    - Added prelim MOF syntax support.
    - confess() on parser errors.
  - AssocClassLink multiplicities of generated AssociationEnds is now "1".
  - TaggedValues for model versions and XMI defaults supported.
  - "package" visibility is notated as '~'
  - UMMF::Export::XMI:
    - Added XMI.model, XMI.metamodel, XMI.metametamodel tags.
    - Added XMI.field support for lists of SCALARs.
  - "make bootstrap" no long runs ummf_install.pl for required modules.

1.01 - 2005/04/12 kstephens@users.sourceforge.net
  - Completely reworked lib/perl/UMMF namespace in 1.1 repository 
      in preparation for multiple meta-models
      NOTE: 1.0 repo is now obsolete.
  - Generated UML metamodel is now named "UMMF::UML_1_5".
  - Boot strapping UML metamodel is now named "UMMF::Boot::MetaModel".
  - bin/ummf.pl: added "-M metamodel" switch for bootstrapping.
  - bin/ummf.pl: added "-l module" option for applying configuration modules
      (see example/ex1/build.sh).
  - Added more complete Tangram usage example
      (see example/ex1).
  - Cleaned up examples/ex2 java code generation.
  - Added transaction support to Tangram::Storage 
      (see run_in_transaction()).
  - Fixed Tangram flat_array table column names
      (see example/ex1)

0.26 - 2005/01/01 kstephens@users.sourceforge.net
  - Fixes for java code generation.
  - Now generates compilable UML-1.5 implementation in java.

0.25 - 2004/07/31 kstephens@users.sourceforge.net
  - Use underscored names in Perl and Java template.
  - Search resource paths for templates.
  - Builds CPAN modules (see cpan/)

0.24 - 2004/05/17 kstephens@users.sourceforge.net
  - Force "-1" Multiplicities to be "*".
  - Sort AssociationEnds by name in template to reduce code changes 
      between UML changes.
  - Added support for switching between multiple Perl::Tangram::Storage objects.  - Fixed index generation for intrusive collection id columns.
  - get_or_error(): better error reporting.
  - Metamodel: State_Machines::Event is now subclass of ModelElement;
      was causing problems with Poseidon State Machine diagrams with CallEvents.  - Sort by table when generating Tangram indices.

0.23 - 2004/04/19 kstephens@users.sourceforge.net
  - Added DProf support
  - Cache use and constant value function evals in use_alias;
  - Reuse __ummf_array_*() code.
  - Enhanced performance during XMI import for Unimplemented meta-objects.
  - Tangram-related changes:
    - Added Tangram deploy method callbacks.
    - Added UMMF_STORAGE_SCHEMA_PKG_FILTER support for ignore packages during
      schema compilation.
    - Fixed minor SQL errors.
    - Added Storage $cls->get*() cache flush after update() or insert(). 
    - Added Schema and Schema hash caching.
    - Added host and port DB connection configuration options.
    - Added $storage->update_or_insert(@objs).
    - Added test for ambigous $cls->get*().
    - Added storage configuration callbacks.
    - Added $cls->get_or_init(\%key, \%init) useful for deploy method callbacks.    - Added $cls->get_force(%keys).

$Id: Changes,v 1.9 2006/05/14 01:40:03 kstephens Exp $