CHANGES for File::Spec


 Working toward 0.86, the version that will be released with perl 5.8.1.

 - The t/rel2abs2rel.t test now is a little friendlier about emitting
   its diagnostic debugging output. [Jarkko Hietaniemi]

 - We now only require() Cwd when it's needed, on demand. [Michael
   Schwern, Tels]

 - Fixed some POD errors and redundancies in and
   [Michael Schwern]

 - The internal method cwd() has been renamed to _cwd(), since it was
   never meant for public use. [Michael Schwern]

 - Several methods in File::Spec::Unix that just return constant
   strings have been sped up.  catdir() has also been sped up there.

 - Several canonpath() and catdir() bugs on Win32 have been fixed, and
   tests added for them:
      catdir('/', '../')   -> '\\'     (was '\..')
      catdir('/', '..\\')  -> '\\      (was '')
      canonpath('\\../')   -> '\\'     (was '')
      canonpath('\\..\\')  -> '\\'     (was '')
      canonpath('/../')    -> '\\'     (was '\..')
      canonpath('/..\\')   -> '\\'     (was '')
      catdir('\\', 'foo')  -> '\foo'   (was '\\foo')

 - catpath($volume, $dirs, $file) on Mac OS now ignores any volume
   that might be part of $dirs, enabling catpath($volume,
   catdir(rootdir(), 'foo'), '') to work portably across platforms.

0.85  Tue Jul 22 11:31 CDT 2003

 A bug-fix release relative to 0.84.  I've forked development into a
 "stable" branch (this one) and a more aggressive branch (as yet
 unreleased), with an eye toward getting the stable features in perl

 - File::Spec::Mac->case_tolerant() returned 0 when it should have
   returned 1.

 - Many cases in File::Spec::Win32->abs2rel() were broken, because of
   the way in which volumes were/weren't ignored.  Unfortunately, part
   of the regression tests were broken too.  Now, if the $path
   argument to abs2rel() is on a different volume than the $base
   argument, the result will be an absolute path rather than the
   broken relative path previous versions returned.

 - Fixed a problem in File::Spec::Win32->canonpath, which was turning
   \../foo into "foo" rather than \foo

 - Greatly simplified the code in File::Spec::Unix->splitdir().

0.84_01  Fri Jul 11 16:14:29 CDT 2003

 No actual code changes, just changes in other distribution files

 - Dependencies are now listed explicitly in the Makefile.PL and
   Build.PL scripts, as well as in the META.yml file.

 - The t/abs2rel2abs.t test should now be more friendly about skipping
   on platforms where it can't run properly.

0.84  Wed Jul  9 22:21:23 CDT 2003

 I (Ken)'ve taken the changes from bleadperl and created a new CPAN release
 from them, since they're pretty important changes.  The highlights,
 from what I can tell, are listed here.

 - A huge number of changes to File::Spec::Mac in order to bring it in
   line with the other platforms.  This work was mostly/completely
   done by Thomas Wegner.

 - The Epoc and Cygwin platforms are now supported.

 - Lots of generically-applicable documentation has been taken from
   File::Spec::Unix and put in File::Spec.

 - A Build.PL has been provided for people who wish to install via

 - Some spurious warnings and errors in the tests have been
   eliminated. [Michael Schwern]

 - canonpath() on File::Spec::Unix now honors a //node-name at the
   beginning of a path.

 - wasn't being loaded properly on MacOS. [Chris Nandor]

 - Various POD fixups

 - Several testing patches for the Epoc and Cygwin platforms [Tels]

 - When running under taint mode and perl >= 5.8, all the tmpdir()
   implementations now avoid returning a tainted path.

 - File::Spec::OS2 now implements canonpath(), splitpath(),
   splitdir(), catpath(), abs2rel(), and rel2abs() directly rather
   than inheriting them from File::Spec::Unix.

 - Added 'SYS:/temp' and 'C:/temp' to the list of possible tmpdir()s
   on Win32.

 - catfile() on Win32 and VMS will now automatically call canonpath()
   on its final argument.

 - canonpath() on Win32 now does a much more extensive cleanup of the

 - abs2rel() on Win32 now defaults to using cwd() as the base of
   relativity when no base is given.

 - abs2rel() on Win32 now explicitly ignores any volume component in
   the $path argument.

 - canonpath() on VMS now does []foo ==> foo, and foo.000000] ==> foo].
   It also fixes a bug in multiple [ ==> [foo translations.

 - tmpdir() on VMS now uses 'sys$scratch:' instead of 'sys$scratch'.

 - abs2rel() on VMS now uses '000000' in both the path and the base.

0.82 Wed Jun 28 11:24:05 EDT 2000
   - file_name_is_absolute( '' ) now returns TRUE on all platforms
   - unbreak C<$VERSION = '0.xx'> to be C<$VERSION = 0.xx>, so
     underscores can be used when I want to update CPAN without anyone
     needing to update the perl repository.
   - abs2rel, rel2abs doc tweaks
   - get $path =~ /\s/ checks from perl repository.
   - Makefile.PL: added INSTALLDIRS => 'perl', since these are std. modules.
   - Remove vestigial context prototypes from &rel2abs until some future
     arrives where method prototypes are honored.