CHANGES for File::Spec

0.90  Tue Aug 31 22:34:50 CDT 2004

 - On VMS, directories use vmspath() and files use vmsify(), so
   rel2abs() has to use some 'educated guessing' when dealing with
   paths containing slashes.  [Craig A. Berry]

0.89  Sun Aug 29 19:02:32 CDT 2004

 - Fixed some pathological cases on VMS which broke canonpath() and
   splitdir().  [Richard Levitte and Craig A. Berry]

 - Fixed rel2abs() on VMS when passed a unix-style relative
   path. [Craig A. Berry]

0.88  Thu Jul 22 23:14:32 CDT 2004

 - rel2abs() on Win32 will now use the new Cwd::getdcwd() function, so
   that things like rel2abs('D:foo.txt') work properly when the
   current drive isn't 'D'. This requires Cwd version 2.18.  
   [Steve Hay]

 - Got rid of a redundant double-backslash in a character
   class. [Alexander Farber]

 - Added much markup to pod for enhanced readability. [Andy Lester]

0.87  Fri Dec 19 08:03:28 CST 2003

 - With a one-line change in the tests, backported to perl 5.004.
   [Issue reported by Barry Kemble]

0.86  Fri Sep 26 10:07:39 CDT 2003

 - This is the version released with perl 5.8.1.  It is identical to
   the code in the File::Spec beta 0.85_03.

0.85_03  Mon Sep 15 09:35:53 CDT 2003

 - On VMS, if catpath() receives volume specifiers in both its first
   two arguments, it will now use the volume in the first argument
   only.  Previously it returned a non-syntactical result which
   included both volumes.  This change is the same in spirit to the
   catpath() MacOS change from version 0.85_02.

 - Fixed an abs2rel() bug on VMS - previously
   abs2rel('[t1.t2.t3]file','[t1.t2]') returned '[t3]file', now it
   properly returns '[.t3]file'.

0.85_02  Fri Sep 12 17:11:13 CDT 2003

 - abs2rel() now behaves more consistently across platforms with the
   notion of a volume.  If the volumes of the first and second
   argument (the second argument may be implicit) do not agree, we do
   not attempt to reconcile the paths, and simply return the first
   argument.  Previously the volume of the second argument was
   (usually) ignored, resulting in sometimes-garbage output.

 - catpath() on MacOS now looks for a volume element (i.e. "Macintosh HD:")
   in its first argument, and then its second argument.  The first
   volume found will be used, and if none is found, none will be used.

 - Fixed a problem in abs2rel() on Win32 in which the volume of the
   current working directory would get added to the second argument if
   none was specified.  This might have been somewhat helpful, but it
   was contrary to the documented behavior.  For example,
   abs2rel('C:/foo/bar', '/foo') used to return 'bar', now it returns
   'C:/foo/bar' because there's no guarantee /foo is actually C:/foo .

 - catdir('/', '../') on OS2 previously erroneously returned '//..',
   and now it returns '/'.

0.85_01  Thu Sep 11 16:18:54 CDT 2003

 Working toward 0.86, the version that will be released with perl 5.8.1.

 - The t/rel2abs2rel.t test now is a little friendlier about emitting
   its diagnostic debugging output. [Jarkko Hietaniemi]

 - We now only require() Cwd when it's needed, on demand. [Michael
   Schwern, Tels]

 - Fixed some POD errors and redundancies in and
   [Michael Schwern]

 - The internal method cwd() has been renamed to _cwd(), since it was
   never meant for public use. [Michael Schwern]

 - Several methods in File::Spec::Unix that just return constant
   strings have been sped up.  catdir() has also been sped up there.

 - Several canonpath() and catdir() bugs on Win32 have been fixed, and
   tests added for them:
      catdir('/', '../')   -> '\\'     (was '\..')
      catdir('/', '..\\')  -> '\\      (was '')
      canonpath('\\../')   -> '\\'     (was '')
      canonpath('\\..\\')  -> '\\'     (was '')
      canonpath('/../')    -> '\\'     (was '\..')
      canonpath('/..\\')   -> '\\'     (was '')
      catdir('\\', 'foo')  -> '\foo'   (was '\\foo')

 - catpath($volume, $dirs, $file) on Mac OS now ignores any volume
   that might be part of $dirs, enabling catpath($volume,
   catdir(rootdir(), 'foo'), '') to work portably across platforms.

0.85  Tue Jul 22 11:31 CDT 2003

 A bug-fix release relative to 0.84.  I've forked development into a
 "stable" branch (this one) and a more aggressive branch (as yet
 unreleased), with an eye toward getting the stable features in perl

 - File::Spec::Mac->case_tolerant() returned 0 when it should have
   returned 1.

 - Many cases in File::Spec::Win32->abs2rel() were broken, because of
   the way in which volumes were/weren't ignored.  Unfortunately, part
   of the regression tests were broken too.  Now, if the $path
   argument to abs2rel() is on a different volume than the $base
   argument, the result will be an absolute path rather than the
   broken relative path previous versions returned.

 - Fixed a problem in File::Spec::Win32->canonpath, which was turning
   \../foo into "foo" rather than \foo

 - Greatly simplified the code in File::Spec::Unix->splitdir().

0.84_01  Fri Jul 11 16:14:29 CDT 2003

 No actual code changes, just changes in other distribution files

 - Dependencies are now listed explicitly in the Makefile.PL and
   Build.PL scripts, as well as in the META.yml file.

 - The t/abs2rel2abs.t test should now be more friendly about skipping
   on platforms where it can't run properly.

0.84  Wed Jul  9 22:21:23 CDT 2003

 I (Ken)'ve taken the changes from bleadperl and created a new CPAN release
 from them, since they're pretty important changes.  The highlights,
 from what I can tell, are listed here.

 - A huge number of changes to File::Spec::Mac in order to bring it in
   line with the other platforms.  This work was mostly/completely
   done by Thomas Wegner.

 - The Epoc and Cygwin platforms are now supported.

 - Lots of generically-applicable documentation has been taken from
   File::Spec::Unix and put in File::Spec.

 - A Build.PL has been provided for people who wish to install via

 - Some spurious warnings and errors in the tests have been
   eliminated. [Michael Schwern]

 - canonpath() on File::Spec::Unix now honors a //node-name at the
   beginning of a path.

 - wasn't being loaded properly on MacOS. [Chris Nandor]

 - Various POD fixups

 - Several testing patches for the Epoc and Cygwin platforms [Tels]

 - When running under taint mode and perl >= 5.8, all the tmpdir()
   implementations now avoid returning a tainted path.

 - File::Spec::OS2 now implements canonpath(), splitpath(),
   splitdir(), catpath(), abs2rel(), and rel2abs() directly rather
   than inheriting them from File::Spec::Unix.

 - Added 'SYS:/temp' and 'C:/temp' to the list of possible tmpdir()s
   on Win32.

 - catfile() on Win32 and VMS will now automatically call canonpath()
   on its final argument.

 - canonpath() on Win32 now does a much more extensive cleanup of the

 - abs2rel() on Win32 now defaults to using cwd() as the base of
   relativity when no base is given.

 - abs2rel() on Win32 now explicitly ignores any volume component in
   the $path argument.

 - canonpath() on VMS now does []foo ==> foo, and foo.000000] ==> foo].
   It also fixes a bug in multiple [ ==> [foo translations.

 - tmpdir() on VMS now uses 'sys$scratch:' instead of 'sys$scratch'.

 - abs2rel() on VMS now uses '000000' in both the path and the base.

0.82 Wed Jun 28 11:24:05 EDT 2000
   - file_name_is_absolute( '' ) now returns TRUE on all platforms
   - unbreak C<$VERSION = '0.xx'> to be C<$VERSION = 0.xx>, so
     underscores can be used when I want to update CPAN without anyone
     needing to update the perl repository.
   - abs2rel, rel2abs doc tweaks
   - get $path =~ /\s/ checks from perl repository.
   - Makefile.PL: added INSTALLDIRS => 'perl', since these are std. modules.
   - Remove vestigial context prototypes from &rel2abs until some future
     arrives where method prototypes are honored.