Change log for Chart::Gnuplot

   - Add try to guess the path of the gnuplot executable in Windows
	 (Bug ID: 82525)
   - CHG improve POD
   - CHG use qq() instead of "" in Gnuplot command line construction
	 (Bug ID: 82525)
   - CHG use qq() instead of "" in convert command line construction
   - FIX offset and font options of the time stamp

    - NEW control the display of arbitrary border of the graph
    - FIX expression of range of numeric axis if time axis exists
      (Bug ID: 69169)

    - Add support of creating animated gif
    - Option to unset "(x|y)tics" and "border"
      (Thanks to Adam Russell)
    - Improve POD

    - Fix the problem that "orient" has no effect if "imagesize" is set
    - Fix setting color of the label point

    - Support drawing arbitrary arrows
    - Support importing data as "points" for "financebars" and "candlesticks"
    - Better support of the terminals other than the default (postscript)
    - Change using ImageMagick instead of ps2pdf to generate PDF from PS
    - Fix the problem that the location of the text labels cannot be in
      date/time format

    - Improve error handling
    - Add method to copy the chart and data set objects
    - Add specific get-set methods for xdata, ydata, zdata, points, datafile
      and func so that different data sources cannot co-exist in the same data
      set object
    - Keep the plot window from disappearing immediately for interactive
      (Thanks to Alex White)
    - More strict testsuite. Add more test cases

    - More understandable error messages
    - Add an example in POD
      (Thanks to WOLfgang Schricker)

    - Add new plotting styles "hbars" (horizontal bars) and "hlines"
      (horizontal lines)
    - Add frame to the example webpage

    - Support "every" and "index" features
    - Support control of the tics on the z-axis
    - Change the directory for the temporary files to the default of File::Temp
    - Fix a bug that options do not reset to their default after plotting each
      sub-chart in multiplot
    - Fix a bug in plotting financial time series when the x-axis is in time
    - Fix a bug in plotting error boxes when the input data set is in "points"
      and the x-axis is in time format
      (Thanks to Anthony Chan)
    - Add license session to Makefile.PL
    - Improve POD

    - Support the "using" feature of Gnuplot
    - Force setting character encoding before setting terminal to avoid
      potential problem
    - Cleaner fix for the bug of the "command()" method

    - Fix a bug that plotting data does not work in MSWin
      (Thanks to Anthony Tekatch)
    - Fix a bug that would generate redundant code when the "command()" method
      is called
      (Thanks to Anthony Tekatch)
    - Fix a typo in POD
    - Improve testsuite

    - Support user-specified path of the convert program
    - Support plotting parametric functions
    - Fix a bug that range does not work if axis is date/time
      (Thanks to Holyspell)

    - Support formatting legend
    - Fix an error that causes some options of one chart affects other charts
      in multiplot.
    - Fix an error in image format conversion.
    - Better support of MSWin

    - Fix a bug in timestamp option.
      (Thanks to Lou King)
    - Fix a typo in POD

    - Support adding time stamp
    - Support adding arbitrary labels
    - Create temporary file when the chart object is created

    - Support financebars and candlesticks plotting styles
    - Support setting filling the boxes and candlesticks
    - Support setting style of the borders
    - Support plotting 3D graph from arrays of coordinates of data points
    - Support adding 3D data set to multiplot chart
    - Support setting of background color (experimental)
    - Support setting of plot area background color (experimental)
    - Plot in PS if the output file has no extension
    - Fix a bug of checking array lengths in error-type style
    - Update the POD

    - Fix a bug that makes converting output figure to PDF failed
    - Fix a bug that makes printing certain error mesg failed
    - Add checking whether xdata and ydata array lengths are the same
    - Add more test cases
    - Remove some redundant code

    Initial release