Revision history for Perl extension PDF::Reuse.

0.11  Wed Sep 3 2003
     You can have your bookmarks closed with a new parameter.
     Changes to the documentation.

0.10  Tue Aug 26 2003
     Added a function to define bookmarks. 
     Corrected a bug with object numbers.
     Sometimes the module reserved an object number and didn't need it. Subsequent
     procedures continued with new object numbers and there was a gap ..
     Changes to the documentation. "Experimental" has been removed from the 
     interactive functions.
0.09  Mon Jul 21 2003
     If no file name is given to the function prFile, output is written to STDOUT. 

0.08  Sun Jun 29
     Corrected bugs which occurred when a font was going to be reused. The function
     prInitVars has been added. changes to the documetation.

0.07  Tue Jun 17
     You can add JavaScrips as strings, not only as files. Corrected bugs which
     occurred 1) when JavaScripts were added and 2) when the log for prAdd was

0.06 Mon Jun 2
     Corrected a bug in prText: when you tried to print '0' it was transformed
     to ''. Minor changes to the barcode font. Changed documentation referring
     to GD::Barcode and the modules in that group

0.05 Wed May 21 15:45 
     Tried to make the module backwards compatible with Perl 5.6.1
     Changed use 5.008 to use 5.006, constants are individually defined and
     AutoLoader is used instead of SelfLoader.

0.03 Tue Apr 29 16:50:00 2003
   - Corrected an error that occured when a form was used many times in different
     documents. (Translation of old => new object number)
   - Some preparations for using PDF::Reuse as an COM-object (ActiveX object)
     (In version 0.02 of PDF::Reuse::Tutorial there will be examples)

0.02  Fri Apr 25 20:49:50 2003
   - I had to put all PDF documents and generated modules used in the examples 
     in a zipfile, to hide them from the normal processing around the upload to CPAN.

0.01  Thu Apr  3 12:21:26 2003
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
		-AX -n PDF::Reuse