1.02  Wed Jul 20 2016 09:25:45 GMT+0300
	Update MyHTML source. up to 1.0.2 - Release version
	Added method for set tree parse flags myhtml_tree_parse_flags_set
	Added methods for Node get_nodes_by_attribute_key, get_nodes_by_attribute_value_whitespace_separated, get_nodes_by_attribute_value_begin, get_nodes_by_attribute_value_end, get_nodes_by_attribute_value_contain, get_nodes_by_attribute_value_hyphen_separated, get_nodes_by_tag_id 
	Added callback methods for Tree: callback_before_token_done_set, callback_after_token_done_set, callback_node_insert_set, callback_node_remove_set
	Added example for callback: see examples/callback.pl
	Added Token Node methods
	Added namespace functions:  namespace_name_by_id, namespace_id_by_name
	Added Incoming Buffer methods

0.35	Mon Apr 04 2016 22:21:03 GMT+0300
	Fixes for build in NetBSD

0.33	Tue Mar 29 2016 13:02:03 GMT+0300
	Removed deprecated structures
	Fixes for build freebsd and linux

0.32	Mon Mar 28 2016 23:41:03 GMT+0300
	Fisex for OS Windows. Speed UP for OS Windows

0.31	Mon Mar 28 2016 16:15:03 GMT+0300
	Build for Windows
	Now memory is used more wisely.
	Now for threads can register any number of Trees.
	Fixed all leaks when creating a large number of Trees.
	Fixed cmake file. Now build normally in Linux.
	Fixed many problem with string preprocessing.
	Now, is not afraid of binary files and other trash.
	Any fixes to improve stability.

0.27	Wed Mar 23 2016 11:37:03 GMT+0300
	  Added a forgotten file due to which nothing has worked
	  Added example clear_text.pl
	  Added methods for tree: html, head, body -- get nodes

0.26	Tue Mar 22 2016 17:43:03 GMT+0300
	  Fixes for compile program. Add MyHTML 0.5.2

0.25	Tue Mar 01 2016 09:43:03 GMT+0300
	  And again, fixes for compile program

0.24	Mon Feb 29 2016 16:16:03 GMT+0300
	  Fixed compile problem

0.23	Sun Feb 28 2016 19:26:03 GMT+0300
	  First release