Revision history for Perl module Devel::ebug

     - added return(), which returns from a subroutine
     - fix bug with 'l' showing inaccurate lines in ebug
     - added filenames() method which returns a list of the filenames
       of all the files currently loaded
     - added a String::Koremutake test
     - added a new finished() method to return whether the program has
       finished running (spotted by clkao)
     - added ebug_http, which presents a web interface to debugging

0.30 Thu Mar 31 00:13:13 CST 2005
     - autrijus noticed that 0.29 shipped with a broken ebug. to keep
       me from embarassing myself in future, there is now an ebug.t
       which uses the newly-released Test::Expect
     - codelines() now returns an array
     - codelines() now returns the whole file if no line numbers are
     - codelines() can now return the source code of files other than
       the currently executing program
     - added some security to the TCP connection (port, secret)
     - added a new "y" to ebug, which YAML::Dump's variables
     - minor code cleanups

0.29 Tue Mar 29 21:02:59 CST 2005
     - initial release