Revision history for Perl module Devel::ebug

0.39 Tue Apr 19 13:16:51 BST 2005
     - major refactoring of ebug_http to now use Catalyst
     - we now capture STDOUT, STDERR - their contents are available
       using the new output method
     - ebug now shows STDOUT, STDERR
     - ebug_http now shows STDOUT, STDERR
     - no longer stop processing as the program exits
     - tab completion of variables in ebug (x $var), as suggested by
     - in ebug_http, new dynamic tooltips to show the value of
       variables on the current line, using prototype and overlib
     - "return" not in a subroutine is now the same as "run" instead
       of giving an error (spotted by clkao)
     - documented that ebug and ebug_http can run programs with
       arguments by quoting them (spotted by clkao)
     - minor output patch for ebug.t
     - tweaked the test to skip Test::Expect under Windows
     - new yaml method to return the YAML representation of a variable
     - improved undo tests
     - better use of PPI (spotted by Alias)
     - install the templates / JavaScript / CSS / images to sitelib

0.38 Tue Apr 12 14:47:24 BST 2005
     - optimisation: only scan for plugins on start of backend
     - be sure to use strict and warnings in the plugins
     - in ebug and ebug_http, allow examining a variable using YAML

0.37 Tue Apr  5 22:55:18 CST 2005
     - moved ebug code into Devel::ebug::Console
     - moved the backend into Devel::ebug::Backend
     - major refactoring of Devel::ebug::Backend: move everything to
       subroutines, pass the context around
     - major refactoring to place functionality in plugins (patch by
       Simon Wistow)
     - fix a problem with code references (spotted by nadim) - we now
       use YAML instead of Storable
     - make stack_trace_human deal with undef strings, list refs, hash
       refs, and objects in arguments
     - new pad_human method for a human-readable pad view
     - in ebug_http, allow you to set simple break points and run
     - be sure to produce valid XHTML
     - added support for invoking the debugger by sending a signal
       (requested by Sam Vilain)

0.36 Sun Apr  3 20:56:56 CST 2005
     - total rearrange of Devel::ebug::HTTP and increase in
       documentation (thanks to Mark Fowler)
     - create valid XML no matter what the variables or code contains
       (thanks to Mark Fowler)
     - correct the =head1 NAME of ebug and ebug_http (spotted by Smylers)
     - stack_trace_human is now more robust
     - Test::Expect doesn't work under Windows, so don't require or
       use it in Windows environments - this means we now require
       Module::Build (spotted by Johan Lindstrom)
     - make codelines() remove DOS as well as UNIX newlines (spotted
       by Johan Lindstrom)
     - in ebug, l 40 will to set the number of lines to list (patch by
       Johan Lindstrom)

0.35 Sat Apr  2 23:34:56 CST 2005
     - added undo method which undos the last action
     - in ebug_http, using the back button in the browser actually
       steps backwards in the program (suggested by autrijus)
     - in ebug_http, use monikers for blessed objects and make the
       stack trace use a smaller font
     - in ebug, restart the program instead of exiting at the end of
       the program (suggested by obra)
     - in ebug_http, restart the program instead of stopping the
       webserver at the end of the program
     - added stack_trace_human method for a human-readable stack trace
     - pointed out ebug and ebug_http in the docs

0.34 Sat Apr  2 15:39:25 CST 2005
     - give ebug_http a hashbang line (spotted by obra, who complains
       all the time ;-)
     - make Devel::ebug::HTTP return full HTTP requests
     - basic docs for ebug and ebug_http
     - ebug_http now opens the browser for you under Mac OS X and
       Windows (patch by Johan Lindstrom)
     - ebug now has the ability to always list the lines around the IP
       - L toggles (patch by Johan Lindstrom)
     - fix a problem where we were displaying the wrong codelines in
       modules with POD
     - now use the environment instead of the command line to pass the
       secret for portability (patch by Johan Lindstrom)
     - in ebug_http, we now jump to the current line (patch by Johan
     - in ebug_http, make our actions POSTs, for they change state
     - in ebug_http, cache the call to PPI::HTML
     - in ebug_http, link module names to
     - in ebug_http, syntax highlight single and double-quoted strings
     - tweak Devel::ebug's introductory docs
     - added break_point_delete method which deletes a break point
     - added stack_trace method which provides basic stack trace
       information using Devel::StackTrace
     - in ebug_http, added a slightly ugly stack trace 
     - added return(@values) method to return your own values from a
       subroutine, instead of what the subroutine would have returned

0.33 Fri Apr  1 16:40:43 CST 2005
     - update the manifest, doh (it's been a long week)

0.32 Fri Apr  1 14:09:00 CST 2005
     - added "ebug_http" to script_files so that it will get installed

0.31 Fri Apr  1 13:36:00 CST 2005
     - added return(), which returns from a subroutine
     - fix bug with 'l' showing inaccurate lines in ebug
     - added filenames() method which returns a list of the filenames
       of all the files currently loaded
     - added a String::Koremutake test
     - added a new finished() method to return whether the program has
       finished running (spotted by clkao)
     - added ebug_http, which presents a web interface to debugging

0.30 Thu Mar 31 00:13:13 CST 2005
     - autrijus noticed that 0.29 shipped with a broken ebug. to keep
       me from embarassing myself in future, there is now an ebug.t
       which uses the newly-released Test::Expect
     - codelines() now returns an array
     - codelines() now returns the whole file if no line numbers are
     - codelines() can now return the source code of files other than
       the currently executing program
     - added some security to the TCP connection (port, secret)
     - added a new "y" to ebug, which YAML::Dump's variables
     - minor code cleanups

0.29 Tue Mar 29 21:02:59 CST 2005
     - initial release