2007-09-06  Lincoln Stein  <lstein@cshl.org> (version 1.06)
	* Quenched "redefined subroutine" warning.

2007-09-06  Lincoln Stein  <lstein@cshl.org> (version 1.05)
	* When aggregators are in use, the features request now fetches
	  both aggregator component and aggregator method name.
	  This fixes an ambiguity in how such composite features should be handled by
	  the server.
	* The note parsing functionality now accepts TYPED notes: <NOTE tag="dbxref">www.jax.org</NOTE>.
	  These get turned into bioperl-style tags, which in turn can be read using each_tag_value(), etc.

2006-09-15  Lincoln Stein  <lstein@cshl.org>
	* Added support for proxies at init time.

2005-08-24  Lincoln Stein  <lstein@cshl.edu>
	* Minor tweak to API to work more nicely with gbrowse.

2005-04-20  Lincoln Stein  <lstein@cshl.edu>
	* Added support for arbitrary sequence retrieval contributed by Andreas Kahari

2004-07-08  Lincoln Stein <lstein@cshl.edu>
	* Hard-code Errno constants on Windows platforms
	* Throw exception when requested to perform non-overlaps range query.
2004-06-20  Lincoln Stein <lstein@cshl.edu>
	* Compatibility fixes for Bio::PrimarySeqI
2004-02-23  Lincoln Stein <lstein@cshl.edu>
	* Fixed lots of little aggregator bugs that interfered with
	* Workaround for Ensembl/Dazzle implementation which puts
	"ensembl" in the method field of all features rather than
	in the source field.
2004-01-14  Lincoln Stein <lstein@cshl.edu>
	* Added prerequisite for Bio::Root::Root (in bioperl).
	* Added META.yml to manifest.

2004-01-12  Lincoln Stein <lstein@cshl.edu>
	* Documented Bio::Das::Map
2004-01-02  Lincoln Stein <lstein@cshl.edu>
	* Fixed authentication routines so that auth information isn't sent
	in the URL.  Also fixed handling of authentication so that when one
	server needs to be authenticated, it doesn't cancel processing of requests
	from other servers.
	* Cleaned up and completed documentation.
2003-12-29  Lincoln Stein <lstein@cshl.edu>

	* Numerous small compatibility changes to work as a remote annotation
	source for gbrowse. Stylesheets should be working
	properly now.
2003-05-24  Tony Cox  <avc@sanger.ac.uk>

        * Checked in modules to run a small DAS reference server from an AGP file

2003-05-22  Tony Cox  <avc@sanger.ac.uk>

        * Fixes feature requests so that they can use feature_id/group_id
        * Additions to feature XML parser. Just about all tags/attributes are now available.

2002-11-13  Lincoln Stein  <lstein@cshl.org>

	* HTTP request now sends Host: header, allowing virtual hosts to
	function properly