1.35	Patches to support Philip Warner's GIF-reinstating library
	maintained at http://www.rime.com.au/gd/
1.34	Fixed problems that arise when compiling against older versions of
	libgd that do not have XPM support.
1.33	Updated patch file for gd 1.8.4
1.32	Added support for Tru64 UNIX v5.0
1.29	Fixed a corrupted .xpm file in the regression suite
		(caused test 9 to fail)
1.28    Added support for gd 1.8.3
1.27	Fixed strict refs problem on 5.00503 and earlier
1.26	Brought up to date with libgd 1.8.1
1.24-1.25 More tweaks to Makefile.PL.
1.23    Added a bunch more libraries and includes... might or might not port
	to other platforms now
1.22	Fix to Makefile.PL to accomodate linking static libraries.
	Added newFromGd2Part() method.
	Supports libgd 1.7.1.
1.21	Slight fix in regression tests so that test 8 doesn't fail when compiled
		without TrueType support.
1.20	Rewritten for libgd 1.6.3
1.19	Fixed Makefile.PL for better compilation on Windoze machines