2.21    Regression tests are now functional for versions of libgd compiled
	exclusively with PNG, JPEG or GIF support.
2.20	GD::Image->newFromGdData() and newFromGd2Data() got broken
		somewhere along the line.  They are now fixed (and
		have a regression test).
	Added copyRotated() method.
2.19	Added a HAVE_FTCIRCLE define to handle versions of libgd that do not 
		have the gdImageStringFTCircle() function.
2.18	This version needs libgd 2.0.28 or higher.
	Fixed documentation bug in synopsis of GD::Simple.
	Updated Polyline to version 0.20
2.17	Added animated GIF patches from Jaakko Hyvätti.
	Added dynamic bitmapped font loading support.
	Added fontconfig support.
	Added a simplified API called GD::Simple.
	Added support for kern control and other libgd-based FT improvements.
	Fixed a define that caused gif functions to be miscompiled on some platforms.
	Documentation fixes.
2.16	Fixed bug in GIF #IFDEFs pointed out by BZAJAC
	Added #IFDEF for WIN32 provided by Randy Kobes
2.15	Brought back GIF support (requires libgd 2.0.28 or higher).
	Takes advantage of gdlib-config support in libgd 2.0.27 or higher.
2.14	Support for AMD64 libraries.
2.12	Fixed regression test 10 to succeed when used with
		libgd 2.0.22
2.11	More alpha functions from Cory Watson
2.10	Suppress CAPI warning.
	Warn about Math::Trig warning
2.09	VMS documentation patch from Martin Zinser
	Non-standard library finding path options from Peter Kruty
2.08	Applied 5.00503 compatibility patch from Mathieu Arnold
	New check for JPEG magic tag returned by some digital cameras.
2.07	Now compatible with (and requires!) libgd 2.0.12.
	Added setThickness() method.
	Added support for compression level argument to png().
	Added support for antialiasing drawing using setAntiAliased() and setAntiAliasedDontBled().
	Added extended options to stringFT().
	Added filledArc(), ellipse() and filledEllipse() methods.
	Added command-line options to Makefile.PL provided by David Eisenberg.
2.06	Added saveAlpha() and alphaBlending() methods.
2.05	Alpha methods courtesy Georges Arnould.
2.041	Added a regression test to detect certain versions of freetype.
2.04	Removed the patch file since Tom has begun adding his own configure file.
	Changed the context member from free to gd_free to allow for compiling.
	Fixed the regression tests since the gd-generated images have changed slightly.
2.03	Skipped so as to remain version number compatible with libgd.
2.02	Changed Math::Trig version requirement from 0.0 to 1.0 as Perl 5.8
	no long recognizes this as a valid version number.
2.01	Added Math::Trig to the prerequisites because GD::Polyline needs it.
2.00    Folded in support for gd version 2.0 from Dan Palermo
	Folded in support for splines (GD::Polyline) from Dan Harasty.
	Removed all GIF support.
1.43    Added demo of Type1 fonts to truetype demo from Slaven Rezic.
1.42	Fixed the patch_gd.pl file
	Version 2.0 is coming.
1.39	Fixed FreeType test, at least on some platforms.
	Added patches from Stephen Clouse to allow to build on 5.8.0rc1.
1.35	Patches to support Philip Warner's GIF-reinstating library
	maintained at http://www.rime.com.au/gd/
1.34	Fixed problems that arise when compiling against older versions of
	libgd that do not have XPM support.
1.33	Updated patch file for gd 1.8.4
1.32	Added support for Tru64 UNIX v5.0
1.29	Fixed a corrupted .xpm file in the regression suite
		(caused test 9 to fail)
1.28    Added support for gd 1.8.3
1.27	Fixed strict refs problem on 5.00503 and earlier
1.26	Brought up to date with libgd 1.8.1
1.24-1.25 More tweaks to Makefile.PL.
1.23    Added a bunch more libraries and includes... might or might not port
	to other platforms now
1.22	Fix to Makefile.PL to accomodate linking static libraries.
	Added newFromGd2Part() method.
	Supports libgd 1.7.1.
1.21	Slight fix in regression tests so that test 8 doesn't fail when compiled
		without TrueType support.
1.20	Rewritten for libgd 1.6.3
1.19	Fixed Makefile.PL for better compilation on Windoze machines