Version 1.05: 
       - public source moved to
       - add patch for adding ability to override channel directories,
       - add patch for url-decoding downloaded files, as per RT
       - add patch to fix perldoc rendering as per RT 

Version 1.04:
	- Patch from Igor Okunev to add callbacks that execute right after
	a file is created or deleted.
Version 1.03:
	- Patch from Thierry Walrant to provide support for proxy
	settings from environment variables.

Version 1.02: Wed Jan 31 16:26:31 CET 2007
	- Added a missing duration() method to
	MP3::PodcastFetch::Feed::Channel to prevent crashing on RSS
	feeds with an <itunes:duration> tag.

Version 1.01: January 2, 2007
	- First released version.