1.05    -Delete user-defined chains for the "nat" and "mangle" tables.
	-Create Net::Netmask objects using the new2() constructor, which returns
	 undef in cases when the address or mask can't be parsed.

1.04    -Add two new convenience methods: add_route() and force_route().
	-Add explicit pre-run and post-run scripts.

1.03    -Documentation fixes.

1.02    -lsm now calls load_balance.pl directly as an eventscript, rather than indirectly.
	-Cleaned up documentation.
	-Add --kill and --status arguments to load_balance.pl

1.01	-Update lsm config file when network configuration changes.
	-Use log-level 4 for all iptables logging events.        

1.00	-Initial release