Revision history for Crypt-LE

0.06    14 March 2016
        - Added certificate revocation to both the library (Crypt::LE) and the client (
        - Improved documentation and usage help.
        - Added HTTP::Tiny dependencies for NetBSD/OpenBSD boxes, which don't have IO::Socket::SSL and Net::SSLeay
          installed by default.

0.05    13 March 2016
        Client: In addition to be able to use external challenge handlers, can now also use completion handlers. Example: ... --complete-with Crypt::LE::Complete::Simple --complete-params '{"key1": 1, "key2": 2, "key3": "something"}'

        The module handling process completion should have a 'complete' method defined, to which both the completion data
        (including the domain and issuer's certificate, certificate file name and key file name) and the parameters given
        with '--complete-params' will be passed.

0.04    13 March 2016
        Library: accept_challenge() now takes optional parameters, which can be then passed to a callback.
        Client: now supports passing parameters to external challenge handling modules. Example: ... --handle-with Crypt::LE::Challenge::Simple --handle-params '{"key1": 1, "key2": 2, "key3": "something"}'

0.03    13 March 2016
        Client ( now supports "handle-with" and "handle-as" parameters, so external 
        challenge handling modules (such as Crypt::LE::Challenge::Simple) can be easily used.

0.02    12 March 2016
        Minor documentation fix.

0.01    12 March 2016
        Initial version.