Revision history for HTTP::Recorder

0.05 17 August 2005
   Fixed a bug where link text wasn't being un-escaped before being

   Significant changes in the use of the Control Panel:
   - The showwindow option is gone (no popups any more).
   - If you want to use the control panel, you need to start there.
   - The control panel now spawns a window for navigation.
   - The navigation window updates the Control Panel via Javascript.

   Download button downloads the script file directly.

0.04 17 August 2005
    Parse and manipulate parameters with URI::QueryParam and
    HTTP::Request::Params, rather than doing it by hand.

0.03_03 16 August 2005
    Several improvements to the Control Panel UI
    - background color for easier reading
    - script textarea resizes with window
    - JavaScript confirmation before deleting script

    Recording changes
    - Log 0, false, and empty values
    - Use click() instead of submit_form()

    Changed the format of the %fields argument to
    Logger::SetFieldsAndSubmit.  This is unlikely to affect you unless
    you've made a subclass or are using that method directly.

0.03_02 9 August 2005

    Support forms with multiple Submit buttons.

    Always use single quotes around arguments.

    Applied a patch from ( #6711) to
    optionally ignore gets for favicon.ico.  On by default.

    Applied a patch from ( #6646) so
    that the output script doesn't try to set hidden fields.

0.03_01 1 March 2004

    Support for recording SSL

    Added a UI
    - Available via control URL rather than a JS popup
    - Update, reset clear, download features
    - "Goto page" functionality

    Rewriting improvements
    - Support 'link' tag
    - Support link anchors
    - Set base URL if necessary (so relative links will be properly followed)
    - Don't try to set the value of submit buttons in a form
    - support multipart/form-data

    Additional documentation

    Logging improvements
    - Add SetFieldsAndSubmit method to Logger; use it
    - Set form name before trying to set form fields.
    - Use form names when available, rather than form numbers.

0.02 15 February 2004

    Improved rewriting for pages with JavaScript:
    - Don't rewrite href="javascript:XXX" links or text inside them
    - Change the way forms are re-written, so that JavaScript won't fail.

    Use link indices as well as names (supports multiple links of the
    same name on a single page).

    Preserve page titles.

    Use form names when available, rather than form numbers.

    Keep attributes in their original order on rewrite.

    Support links with quotes (") in them.

    Only try to rewrite text/ content (images, etc. won't be

    ** Many thanks to Jason Gessner <> for his
    patches and feedback.