-   v0.3.0 Wed Mar  7 21:52:37 CST 2018

    POD & tests for Git, enough hacks on the Git module
    that it works with the tests (Caveat Emptor).

    Fix bug of $ENV{ PERL_VERSION } not being parsed and

    Minor clenaups.

    Make consistent use of extractor's "value" method
    rater than looking directly into the hash.

    Extract::value rejects false keys (used to be only

    Bump the module versions up a notch to 0.1.0 since
    the tests pass and it all seems to do something 
    at this point.

-   v0.2.0 Tue Mar  6 19:18:15 CST 2018


    Bump version.

-   v0.1.0 Tue Mar  6 12:38:07 CST 2018

    Passes all Dir tests on all platforms, bump up version.


-   v0.0.7 Mon Mar  5 23:06:03 CST 2018

    Correct error in Makefile.PL.

    Added tests.

-   v0.0.6

    POD cleanups.

    Copy message "files" => "files/dirs" to avoid confusion with
    list of files displayed.

-   v0.0.5

    Remove FindBin::libs from Makefile.PL.

-   v0.0.4 Sat Mar  3 22:51:10 CST 2018

    Modify tests, separate require from calling import.

    Report version of module loaded via require to isolate
    which version is not parsable by 5.8.

-   v0.0.3 Fri Mar  2 14:19:47 CST 2018

    Makefile.PL, add missing dependencies.

-   v0.0.2 Thu Mar  1 13:45:34 CST 2018

    Add handling for Git, split low-level functions
    for acquiring data into Dir and Git classes. 

    Utility functions have a few changed names to make
    them consistent with switching between subdir and 
    git tags.

    Git is largely untested.

    Added tests & sanity checks.

-   v0.0.1  Sun Feb 18 14:19:59 CST 2018

    Initial kwikhak... ah... er... "relase", yes,
    that's the word: release.