3.5 Tue Dec  2 19:15:58 CST 2014

 - POD cleanups

 - Up required version to v5.12.
 - Up copyright to perl v5.20.

3.2 Wed Jun  5 07:52:13 CDT 2013

 - Correct error message left from removing switches.

3.1 Tue May 28 12:26:09 CDT 2013

 - Remove smart matches, given, when.

3.0.4 Tue Feb 19 20:10:07 CST 2013

 - set noexport as default for configure, allowing
   user override.

 - POD

3.0.2 Wed Dec 26 19:47:21 CST 2012

 - POD errors.

3.0.1 Wed Dec  5 16:24:06 CST 2012

 - use v5.12
 - Copyright moved to Perl-5.12
 - POD clenaups

3.0 Wed Jun  6 06:46:39 CDT 2012

 - Up version due to changes in interface.

 -  use v5.10.

 -  Add the option for an iterator instead of a pre-
    generated queue: items on the stack are checked
    for $item->can( 'next_job' ). When true then
    $item->next_job is called until it returns false,
    at which point it is shifted off the queue and the
    next item examined. This allows for both package
    names and object to act as iterators.

 -  Gracefully handles placeholders: false entries are
    silently discarded, true non-iterator, non-coderef
    items are printed. At the very least this allows for
    progress messages between iterators or if-logic to 
    insert empty items where the job should not be run.

    Eventually the text items could be used for control
    entries (e.g. switching verbosity or parallel count).

 -  debug now turns off fork and also sets verbose.

 -  "fork" (defaut true) turns on forking; "nofork" or 
    "fork=0" turns off forking.

 -  More complete tests with ore descriptive names.

2.02 Fri Nov 25 09:18:02 CST 2011

Fix one doc bug has been floating around the POD
for some time.

2.01 Tue Apr 22 14:45:30 EDT 2008

- The threads weren't being used by anyone so they
  have been removed.

- added "finish" option to ignore nonzero exits.

- debug=0 will now override finding the perl debugger,
  allowing debugging of forked proc's (with appropriate
  use of terminal handlers).

Wed Mar 15 13:16:04 EST 2006

- Added failure mode tests

- Use arghash to get defaults in class method call (bug).

Tue Mar 14 18:13:43 EST 2006

- Replace separate fork and loop with a single 
  handler per mode (not externally visible).

- POD.

Fri Mar 10 18:02:39 EST 2006

- Initial public release, based on the guts of