2010-03-24 22:45  cvs

	* lib/LEOCHARRE/: CLI2.pm, CLI2.pod: took out -v VERSION, won't

2009-12-22 15:47  cvs

	* lib/LEOCHARRE/: CLI2.pm, CLI2.pod: added sub	using  system id
	  command to see if user_exists(), better that other methods

2009-10-14 14:22  cvs

	* lib/LEOCHARRE/CLI2.pm, lib/LEOCHARRE/CLI2.pod,
	  t/08_opt_selected.t: made so opt_selected() optionally takes a
	  list of options to make sure are set, else return false

2009-10-14 14:07  cvs

	* lib/LEOCHARRE/: CLI2.pm, CLI2.pod: added opt_selected() returns
	  array of options currently with a definition, with a value

2009-10-12 11:59  cvs

	* lib/LEOCHARRE/CLI2.pm, lib/LEOCHARRE/CLI2.pod,
	  t/07_extras-slurpburp.t: made so slurp() in array context returns
	  list of lines instead of text scalar

2009-10-09 23:04  cvs

	* lib/LEOCHARRE/: CLI2.pm, CLI2.pod: Added a slurp, burp, yn()
	  (prompting), YAML loaded, Cwd.  Noted in docs.  Added tests for
	  these extras.  Also added sq() for String::ShellQuote, really

2009-09-17 17:42  cvs

	* README, lib/LEOCHARRE/CLI2.pm, lib/LEOCHARRE/CLI2.pod: Improved
	  README file, some people say they look at the README file before
	  they check out the POD on cpan to see what the heck the distro is
	  about, humph.. but..	ok..

	  Cleaned up documentation in pod.

	  This module uses some magick for automatically detecting and
	  triggering on -h, -v etc..  So, under #!/usr/bin/perl -w was
	  emitting some false warnings. Took care of that.

2009-04-23 16:08  cvs

	* lib/LEOCHARRE/CLI2.pm, lib/LEOCHARRE/CLI2.pod, t/testfile.pl:
	  added a way to define parent package and manpage to look inside,
	  for help usage

2009-04-23 15:50  cvs

	* lib/LEOCHARRE/CLI2.pm, lib/LEOCHARRE/CLI2.pod, t/testfile.pl:
	  added a way to include a description for the script, to include
	  in the usage() that is autogenerated

2009-03-18 15:16  cvs

	* t/: examplescript1.pl, examplescript2.pl, examplescript3.pl:
	  added some example scripts to show how useful this module is to

2009-03-18 14:43  cvs

	* lib/LEOCHARRE/CLI2.pod: updating doc

2009-03-17 14:25  cvs

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.PL, lib/LEOCHARRE/CLI2.pm, t/00_no_opts.t,
	  t/01_withopts.t, t/05_symdump.t: Initial revision