=head1 Math::GSL Changes

=head1 v0.14 - October ?? 2008

    - Chebyshev Series Approximation, with tests and docs
    - Improved Deriv, Integration, Chebyshev, Combination and Roots docs
    - Improved introduction examples in Math::GSL
    - Improved Minimization subsystem tests, but it is not functional
    - Added example/deriv/basic

        This shows the simple fact that d/dx(sin(x)) = cos(x)

    - Added example/sf/erfc_check

        Script which tests the erfc() special function against computing
        the integral definition with gsl_integration_qagiu()

    - Added example/vector/speed 
        This shows a considerable performance boost using Math::GSL::Vectors
        instead of List::Util when searching for the min and max elements of
        large sets of random numbers.

    - Fixed return signature of gsl_deriv_* functions to return a flat list
    - Fix location of shared objects (Sisyphus)
    - Added raw() method to RNG objects

=head1 v0.12 - September 14 2008

    - Darwin support! 
    - Minimum Perl version changed to 5.8.0
    - Make platform check compile time constants for performance
        aka The Wilhelm Speedup (thanks to Eric Wilhelm <scratchcomputing@gmail.com>)
    - FFT for real data
    - Numerical derivatives fully implemented
    - Integration subsystem, gsl_integrate_qags() and gsl_integrate_qagi(), etc..
        - QNG    : Non-adaptive Gaussian (uses fixed number of sample points in interval)
        - QAG(S) : Adaptive Gaussian (Singluar) (slices interval up based on properties of the function)
        - QAGI   : Adaptive Gaussian with infinite integration range
        - other are supported but not tested
    - Initial Monte tests
    - Initial Multiroots tests
    - More nan/inf fixes on MSWin32 from <sisyphus@cpan.org>
    - Stripping of binaries on Windows, which significantly reduces size
        from <sisyphus@cpan.org>
    - Full support and tests for all functions in the Sort subsystem
    - Added 'examples/benchmark/sort' to show performance of gsl_sort()
    - Added 'examples/clicker/chart' to show graphing of functions
    - Added 'examples/gsl_repl' which is a rapid protyping tool/interactive interpreter
    - Compile support for GSL's as old as 1.8 (test suite still needs to be properly guarded)

=head1 v0.10 

    - Continued porting to MSWin32, fixing many NaN and Inf handling issues

=head1 v0.08

    - Large documentation improvements
    - MSWin32 support thanks to testing and feedback from <sisyphus@cpan.org>

=head1 v0.07 

    - Initial CPAN release
=head1 v0.042 

    - Started change to Test::Class

=head1 v0.01 

    - Added swig interface files and swig-ified build script
    - initial tests for special function library gsl_sf <--> Math::GSL::Sf
    - Proof Of Concept: makegsl and testgsl