0.08	6 November 2019

0.07	28 December 2003
	Added automatic required modules update using Devel::Required.

	Added dependency to Devel::Required, so that the conditional
	dependency to Win32::Process::Info for Win32 systems will be
	automatically updated on the user's system.

0.06	16 September 2003
	It is now possible to run Benchmark::Thread::Size in 'refonly' mode
	from the command line.  This was added so that it is easier to check
	different threads implementations and/or real-time updates to the
	threads modules.  Added documentation and tets-suite for this as well.

	Added some more internal documentation to the ramthread* scripts
	being created.  Even though they're created on the fly and removed
	afterwards, they could use a little more documentation (looking back
	at them about a year later).

	Frank Tolstrup was so kind to send me the code to measure process size
	under Windows.  Now transparently included, which means this module
	now also works under Windows!  Updated the "HOW TO MEASURE SIZE?"
	section.  Added Win32::Process::Info as a conditional prerequisite
	when making on a Windows system.

0.05	8 September 2003
	Added "refonly" flag to allow for the reference information only to
	be checked.  Added documentation and test-suite for it.

0.04	13 August 2003
	Cleaned up Makedfile.PL and updated copyright info.  Made sure the
	test-suite runs with warnings enabled (a few tweaks were necessary).

	Changed the logic for obtaining the size of a process slightly to
	account for many operating systems: Mac OS X should now also be
	supported, even with a buggy "ps".  Thanks to James FitzGibbon.

0.03	1 October 2002
	Removed "our" from $VERSION, should shave off some bytes in
	memory usage, as found from testing.

0.02	24 September 2002
	Renamed module to "Benchmark::Thread::Size" as per suggestion of
	Arthur Bergman.

	Added logic to _ramthread so that the keys will always appear in the
	report in the order they were given, rather than alphabetical.

0.01	23 September 2002
	First version of Thread::Benchmark::Size.