$Id: Changes,v 1.15 2003/06/06 19:28:40 unimlo Exp $

Revision history for Perl extension Net::ACL.

0.07  Fri Jun  6
	- Spell-checked documentation!
	- Fixed test of routemap not to use RIBEntry!
	- Fixed routemap test to be skiped if no Net::BGP is installed
	- Added POD test 'stolen' from Net::DNS

0.06  Sun Jun 01
	- Added signature
	- Update requirements
	- More documentation fixed
	- Added peer/route-source to RouteMapRule

0.05  Sat May 31
	- Updated more documentation
	- Added features for routemap/NLRI and tests of this
	- Added new Set and Match objects (Member and Union)
	- Changed Set::Add to use $x = $x + $y rather then $x += $y since the
		other resulted in segmentation faults in some situations - STRANGE!

0.04  Thu May 29
	- Updated more documentation
	- Fixed last requirements to match real versions (waiting for a release of Net::BGP)
	- Fixed some tests and some code (not much)

0.03  Wed May 28
	- Added support for minimum/maximum prefix-length in Match::Prefix
	- Some documentation updated
	- Some documentation switched to use =item instead of B<> or I<> for
		methods/arguments. The rest will follow later
	- Added/fixed a few configuration string syntaxes
	- Added a few test scripts and updated others

0.02  Tue May 27
	- Added half a test script for route-map
	- Changed constructors for set and match objects to always have index as first argument.
	- Documentation clean-up!
	- Code clean-up!

0.01  Tue May 27
	- Original version; created by h2xs 1.21
	- First PRE-ALPHA release to public
	- Still lots of bugs and missing documentation