Revision history for Perl module Footprintless

1.15 2016-09-16

    - updated Action to use pod description if present, abstract otherwise

1.14 2016-09-16

    - fixed --help to display command help when no action is specified and a default action is present

1.13 2016-09-16
    - sorted out --help content building

1.12 2016-09-10

    - added configuration capability to Plugin

1.11 2016-09-05

    - added ActionCommand and Action to cut down on boilerplate
    - added MixableBase to cut down on boilerplate initialization
    - added configurable tries and wait_seconds for tunnel startup
    - modified tunnel init to allow options to override entity for config

1.10 2016-08-20
    - added Footprintless::Extract implementation

1.09 2016-08-19
    - added support for extract_to in resources for Deployment
    - fixed overlay to use dot footprintless resolver on update as well as initialize
    - added prefix to temp_[dir/file] to provide easier cleanup in case process exits abnormally

1.08 2016-08-18
    - changed Footprintless::agent from a singleton to a factory

1.07 2016-08-17
    - fixed deployment extra to supply actual to_dir even if there is a resource_dir

1.06 2016-08-02
    - added documentation for deploy option 'extra'
    - add support for timeout and cookie_jar options to agent
    - add support for extra deployment
    - update to fix error message during testing on systems without ssh localhost key installed
    - updated dependency on Maven::Agent

1.05 2016-07-23
    - added ability to configure custom resolver allowing for additional transforms
    - made log configuration configurable in footprintless
    - cleaned up dumper
    - added pod documentation to tunnel

1.04 2016-07-21
    - added ability to pass runner options to service
    - fixed logger message in Footprintless::_init
    - fixed Footprintless_App_Command_log logger to use STDERR to avoid STDOUT conflicts
    - fixed out_handle for until to print a newline after each line
    - modified temp_dir and added temp_file both of which are now secure, reimplemented service status to better handle su
    - added missing dependency on URI
    - added resolution during overlay if .footprintless is encountered
    - updated service to support sub commands with sudo if needed
    - updated pod for Footprintless::Util::slurp
    - fixed invalid variable reference in Footprintless::Util::exit_due_to, and added support for STDIN in Footprintless::
    - added and associated factory methods
    - updated tests to included --no-overwrite-dir for the cp_command tar
    - added --no-overwrite-dir to the cp_command tar to avoid needing permissions on folders we are not adding to/deleting

1.03 2016-04-30
    - Fixed Bug #113348 for Footprintless: Undeclared dependency App::Cmd::Tester

1.02 2016-04-30
    - Added plugin capability.
    - Added mixins feature.
    - Migrated to Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Simple.

1.01 2016-03-25
    - Improved documentation.

1.0  2016-03-24
    - Initial release.