Revision history for Perl module Gearman::JobScheduler

0.16   2014-07-01
    * Fix support for Perl 5.19+.
    * Remove support for "timeout()" subroutine because it wasn't working as
    * Add basic, sanity checking unit tests.
    * Add compile test.
    * Fix list of module dependencies.

0.15   2014-02-18
    * Add FILENO() subroutine to Gearman::JobScheduler::ErrorLogTrapper because
      otherwise IPC::Open3 fails (see

0.14   2014-02-05
    * Remove fork()-based workers because they're more of a bug than a feature;
      clients should run separate processes instead.
    * Use JSON instead of Storable to encode / decode job arguments in order to
      improve compatibility with Gearman clients / workers in other languages.

0.13   2014-02-03
    * Sanitize function name when writing to a single ("unified") log.

0.12   2014-02-03
    * Added support for writing worker logs into a single file.
    * Print job arguments into a single line for clarity.

0.11   2013-11-19
    * Got rid of the Sys::Path dependency because it doesn't work on Perl 5.18
      without warnings (requires JSON::Util -> IO::Any -> uses "~~" and "given"
      which emit warnings).

0.10   2013-11-18
    * Got rid of an outdated/experimental "given-when" syntax so Perl 5.18
      doesn't complain.
    * Dropped leading 'v' off versions to satisfy CPAN::Changes::Spec.
    * Added GitHub repo to Build.PL / META.yml.

0.09   2013-10-28
    * Make "unique_job_id()" public for the use of client applications because
      they might want to generate their own unique job IDs in order to test
      whether or not a job with given parameters is enqueued.

0.08   2013-10-21
    * Gearman::JobScheduler::Admin utility package for administering the
      server (just like "gearadmin" does).
    * Removed Gearman::JobScheduler::cancel_gearman_job() subroutine as
    * Don't die() when a log path is not found.
    * Added Gearman/JobScheduler/ to the list of "provided" files.

0.07   2013-10-07
    * Moose 2.1005 requirement.

0.06   2013-10-07
    * Handle (log) undefined arguments to run() correctly.

0.05   2013-10-07
    * Use SHA256 hashes for GJS-generated unique job identifiers because the
      job identifier is limited to 64 bytes by Gearman which is usually not

0.04   2013-09-30
    * Ability to start multiple worker instances of a single Gearman function.

0.03   2013-09-30
    * Gearman functions can now provide their own default configurations.

0.02   2013-09-30
    * Moved worker helper subroutines to a separate package so that they can be
      reused more easily.

0.01   2013-09-16
    * Initial release.