Revision history for Perl module TCGA::Neo4j

0.01 Tue Aug 21 14:10:01 2012
    - original version; created by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker 0.51
    - added REST::Neo4p::Path to support paths returned by queries
    - added a few more exception throws
    - built out pod
    - added pod tests
    - fixed the get_by_id methods in REST::Neo4p; they correctly return
      all entities (including indexes) present already in database
    - added tests for above in 005_db.t
    - pod fixes 
    - auto creation of accessors now works on properties created in the constructor
    - added tests for above in 007_accessors.t
    - fixed the set_property pod (needs a hashref arg, not an array)
    - fixed a bug in index constructor