Revision history for Perl module REST::Neo4p
0.2250 2014-05-10
    - refactored Agent to support multiple backend user agent pkgs
      (thanks DBI guys)
    - minor API change for Agent: server() is now server_url()
    - added raw_response() to Agent to return the last HTTP::Response
    - corrected decoded_response() to decoded_content() in Agent pod

0.2241 2014-02-17
    - added exception handling for empty json query response bodies
    - fixed json row parser for transaction json return format

0.2240 2014-02-13
    - added which provides access to new Neo4j index creation 
      and uniqueness constraints (v2.0.1 server and greater) (thanks Andrii)
    - fixed an object destruction bug that was causing segfaults in certain
      circumstances (thanks Alexey)

0.2233 2014-01-02
    - adjusted breaking test

0.2232 2013-12-31
    - added 'code' to auto fields of REST::Neo4p::LocalException
      (thanks Andrii)

0.2231 2013-12-31
    - added env vars to build script to allow non-interactive builds
      (see Build.PL - thanks Gavin)
    - fixed guard code that prevented legitimate 0 value in index 
      creation (thanks Kevin)

0.2230 2013-12-26
    - fixed UTF-8 encoding issue (thanks Andrii)
    - documented remove_property method in Node and Relationship

0.2222 2013-12-03
    - describe class methods _tx_results() and _tx_errors()

0.2221 2013-12-01
    - pod fixes

0.2220 2013-11-29
    - added as_simple methods to entities
    - modified REST::Neo4p::Query to return simplified row structures
      in transaction mode (to handle the limited content returned by 
      Neo4j (as of 2.0.0-RC1) in this mode
    - when a row contains multiple elements, at least one of which is
      an array, fetch will return the array(s) as array refs. Rows with
      containing a single array are still flattened (the array itself 
      is returned)

0.2201 2013-11-21
    - Added get_all_labels as advertised

0.2200 2013-11-21
    - perl v5.10 required
    - Added initial support for transactions under neo4j server v2.0.0
    - Refactored to support multiple distinct REST::Neo4p connections
    - Added user/pass to connect method and build script
    - Added finish() method to REST::Neo4p::Query

0.2120 2013-11-09
    - Added as_simple to entities; represent entities as simple perl data structs
    - REST::Neo4p::Query attribute to select whether objects or simple 
      structs are returned in responses

0.2113 2013-11-09
    - Can add user, pass to REST::Neo4p->connect() args
    - user, pass options added to Build.PL and propagated to all tests

0.2112 2013-11-05
    - Changes file conforms to CPAN::Changes::Spec (thanks NEILB)

0.2111 2013-11-05
    - pod typo fixes

0.2110 2013-10-16
    - and use pure File::Temp objects for
      autocleanup that seems to just work (thanks symondsjo)

0.2101 2013-07-29
    - REST::Neo4p::agent() allows access to the LWP::UserAgent to change
      parameters, add credentials, etc. before/after connection

0.2100 2013-04-16
    - experimental support for Neo4j-2.0
    - set_property, remove_property returns the object itself on 
      success (for chaining calls)
    - added create_unique functionality to node and relationship indexes

0.2013 2013-02-10
    - fixed bad Perl in Index synopsis

0.2012 2012-12-03
    - modified _fix_constraints regexp to accommodate 5.10 and less

0.2010 2012-11-24
    - REST::Neo4p::Query::fetch() now supports array responses
      (thanks Joseph)
    - fetch() now throws a reasonable exception if the query has not
      been execute()d    

0.20 2012-11-20
    - Added support for application-level constraints (REST::Neo4p::Constrain
      and REST::Neo4p::Constraint)
    - refactored tests to better cleanup test entities on failed suites
    - Module version numbers reflect last version in which the module was
    - fixed problem with escaped spaces in queries

0.1285 2012-11-18
    - get_<entity> methods in REST::Neo4p now quietly return undef if item
      not found (thanks Sergei)

0.1284 2012-11-14
    - fixed incorrect handling of comm errors in REST::Neo4p::Agent
    - added request retry capability (see REST::Neo4p::Agent pod)
      (thanks Joseph)
    - REST::Neo4p::Index::add_entry allows multiple key-value pairs
      (thanks Joseph)

0.1283 2012-10-23
    - fixed rt80343 (thanks Joseph)
    - get_property on a property that doesn't exist now just returns 
      undef (rather than throwing an exception)
    - remove() checks for a NotFoundException and simply destroys the 
      Perl object (rather than throwing an exception)

0.1282 2012-10-15
    - fixed rt80196 (thanks Sergei)
    - added newlines to all exception messages
    - updated $VERSION for all modules

0.128 2012-10-13
    - fixed rt80150 (thanks Joseph)

0.127 2012-10-04
    - Added start_node(), end_node() to Relationship object (thanks Joseph)

0.1262 2012-09-24
    - Added REST::Neo4p::Exceptions pod

0.1261 2012-09-22
    - Pod fixes

0.126 2012-09-22
    - LWP::UserAgent v6.04 or greater required
    - Batch feature implemented, new tests (008, 009)

0.1251 2012-09-18
    - Pod fixes (thanks Mat)

0.125 2012-09-11
    - Query responses are now sent to disk and rows are streamed from
      there by the fetch() iterator

0.124 2012-09-10
    - try/catch (with eval {}) all REST::Neo4p::Agent calls; rethrow
    - REST::Neo4p::Agent - 'X-Stream: true' added as a default header
      (use $agent->no_stream to remove)

0.123 2012-09-08
    - fixed a bug in index constructor

0.122 2012-09-08
    - auto creation of accessors now works on properties
      created in the constructor
    - added tests for above in 007_accessors.t
    - fixed the set_property pod (needs a hashref arg, not an array)

0.121 2012-09-04
    - fixed the get_by_id methods in REST::Neo4p; they correctly return
      all entities (including indexes) present already in database
    - added tests for above in 005_db.t
    - pod fixes 

0.12 2012-08-30
    - added REST::Neo4p::Path to support paths returned by queries
    - added a few more exception throws
    - built out pod
    - added pod tests

0.1 2012-08-29
    - First release to CPAN
    - original version created by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker 0.51