0.22   2012-10-26
       Mark Allen       Use AWS signature v2 and SSL by default (RT #80407)
       Mark Allen       Add URI::Escape, POSIX, Digest::SHA dependencies 
                        for signature v2. LWP::Protocol::https now required
                        for SSL support.

0.21   2012-10-22
       Mark Allen       Allow undef or arrayref in AvailabilityZone
       Mark Phillips    Update InstanceType docs
       Stephen Caldwell Support VolumeType and Iops on EBS volumes
       Mark Allen       DeleteSnapshot does not take an array (Github Issue #13) 
       Mark Allen       Allow undef in TagSet values (RT#80071)

0.20   2012-08-10
       Mark Allen       Stop failing test

0.19   2012-08-08
       Mark Allen       Make filters optional on describe_tags as docs say RT#76140
       Mark Allen       Force XML::Simple to make empty elements undef RT#76139
       Miquel Ruiz      Support exceptions via croak
       Allard Hoeve     Support tagsets on volumes
       Mark Allen       Allow modify_instance_attribute to use a HASHREF
                        Fixes RT #78779 (thanks to Andrew Solomon for
                        the suggestion.)

0.18   2012-02-21      
       Chia-liang Kao   Fix timestamp clear (RT#75194)

0.17   2012-02-20      
       Chia-liang Kao   Support Client Token
       Chia-liang Kao   Support instance filters
       Chia-liang Kao   Don't cache timestamps (to prevent timeout errors)
       Chia-liang Kao   Fix a problem with XML::Simple deserialization of empty
                        value in image description
       Mark Allen       Spelling fix RT #74239

0.16    2012-01-21
        Mark Allen      Remove union type in ReservationInfo

0.15    2012-01-18
        Mark Allen      Fix groupSet params RT#67145
        Mark Allen      Support proxy environment variables RT#67145
        Mark Allen      Update doc for 0.15
        Mark Fowler     fix all warnings podchecker warns us about
        Mark Allen      Make tag creation use a hash instead of arrayrefs
        Jeff Finucane   documentation fix
        Jeff Finucane   avoid 'Request has expired' on long lived Net::Amazon::EC2 objects
        Jeff Finucane   add group_name to NAE::GroupSet and fix live test "Checking for running instance"
        Jeff Finucane   add in ssl support as suggested by Brad Barden bradford.barden@supervalu.com
        stanaka         Accept an array for resourceId.
        toritori0318    remove debug code
        toritori0318    add delete tags and tags test
        toritori0318    add describe tags and instance name.
        stanaka         add create_tags
        stanaka         import 0.14 from cpan