Revision history for Map::Tube

2.53  2015-01-02T23:15:00+01:00
      - Added missing package Map::Tube::Line to the 'provides' key in the Makefile.PL file.

2.52  2015-01-02T10:30:00+01:00
      - Updated Changes file according to CPAN::Changes::Spec package.
      - Added unit test changes.t file.
      - Defined $AUTHORITY in all the packages of the distribution.
      - Added LICENSE file.
      - Updated Copyright year information.

2.51  2015-01-01T18:40:00+01:00
      - Tidied up pod document for method get_stations() in the package Map::Tube.

2.50  2015-01-01T10:15:00+01:00
      - Updated method get_shortest_route() to stay on the same line as much
        as possible unless it is expensive in terms of stoppage.

2.49  2014-12-31T10:40:00+01:00
      - Improved the performance of method get_shortest_route() slightly.

2.48  2014-12-30T13:00:00+01:00
      - Documented public method defined in the package Map::Tube.
      - Tidied up code in general.

2.47  2014-12-29T20:30:30+01:00
      - Applied request RT: 101190.

2.46  2014-12-19T00:47:30+01:00
      - Removed redundant code from the methods get_shortest_route() and _get_shortest_route().
      - Minor cosmetics changes to some of the pod documents.

2.45  2014-12-18T17:08:10+01:00
      - Fixed invalid pod tag in the section "DESCRIPTION" of the package Map::Tube::Error.
      - Added section "DESCRIPTION" to the package Map::Tube::Exception.
      - Updated description of the method Map::Tube::get_stations in the package Map::Tube.
      - Updated section "DESCRIPTION" of the package Map::Tube::Table.

2.44  2014-12-18T15:18:10+01:00
      - Added new package Map::Tube::Line to hold map line information.
      - Updated method Map::Tube::get_lines() to return ref to a list of objects of type Map::Tube::Line.

2.43  2014-12-18T12:00:10+01:00
      - Added two new methods get_lines() and get_stations($line) to the package Map::Tube (RT: 100971).
      - Added new error codes to the package Map::Tube::Error.

2.42  2014-12-08T14:48:20+01:00
      - Added 'provides' key to the Makefile.PL file.

2.41  2014-12-07T19:50:20+01:00
      - Tidied up pod document of the package Map::Tube.

2.40  2014-12-07T19:15:20+01:00
      - Added new attribute 'name' to package Map::Tube to hold the map name. [RT: 100771]

2.39  2014-12-07T17:45:20+01:00
      - Removed dependency on 'Encode' from Makefile.PL as it is no longer required.

2.38  2014-12-07T17:20:20+01:00
      - Removed the new attribute 'utf8' from Map::Tube and Map::Tube::Node as it was causing
        more trouble for end user than any help as added in v2.36.

2.37  2014-12-07T16:38:20+01:00
      - Removed 'use utf8;' line from all the packages of the distribution Map-Tube.

2.36  2014-12-07T14:15:00+01:00
      - Added new attribute 'utf8' to Map::Tube which default to true.
      - Also added new mandatory attribute 'utf8' which inherits the setting of 'utf8' attribute of Map::Tube.
      - Now utf8 encode/decode happens depending on this new attribute.

2.35  2014-12-07T11:45:00+01:00
      - Updated method Map::Tube::get_shortest_route() to decode (utf8) the station names.
      - Updated method Map::Tube::Node::to_string() to encode (utf8) the response.
      - Marked method Map::Tube::get_all_routes() as EXPERIMENTAL.
      - Added package Encode as pre-requisite in the Makefile.PL file.
      - Updated pod document to reflect the change in behaviour of the two methods
        Map::Tube::get_shortest_route() and Map::Tube::get_all_routes().

2.34  2014-12-05T21:19:00+01:00
      - Fixed the pod tag for method link() in the package Map::Tube::Node.

2.33  2014-12-05T19:36:00+01:00
      - Tidied up the pod document of Map::Tube and removed "NOTE".
      - Corrected the pod tag for "METHODS" and method id() in the package Map::Tube::Node.
      - Added section "DESCRIPTION" in the package Map::Tube::Table.
      - Corrected the pod tag for method nodes() in the package Map::Tube::Route.

2.32  2014-12-05T15:30:00+01:00
      - Made all the attributes of class Map::Tube::Node as required mandatory.
      - Documented all methods exposed by class Map::Tube::Node.
      - Made attribute 'id' as required mandatory for class Map::Tube::Table.
      - Added two attributes 'from' and 'to' to the class Map::Tube::Route.
      - Made all attributes as required mandatory for class Map::Tube::Route.
      - Made slight improvement to the method get_shortest_route() and get_all_routes().
      - Documented the method get_all_routes().

2.31  2014-12-03T21:00:00+01:00
      - Added the feature to accept case insensitive station name.
      - Also added Map::Tube::Berlin to the list of package taking the role Map::Tube.

2.30  2014-12-03T14:40:00+01:00
      - Fixed the performance issue raised in the ticket RT: 100677.
      - Updated pod document about the methods exposed by the Map::Tube.

2.29  2014-12-03T00:40:00+01:00
      - Cosmetics changes to the pod document of package Map::Tube.

2.28  2014-12-02T22:02:00+01:00
      - Added method validate_map_data() to the package Map::Tube, to validate the map data.
        Post loading map data, it checks if all the nodes are defined and throw error if found
        any missing.
      - Removed SIGNATURE file from the distribution.

2.27  2014-11-30T11:19:10+01:00
      - Refactored code in a big way to be more OO style.
      - Added new package Map::Tube::Table to represent table in the map.
      - Added new method Map::Tube::get_routes() to get all possible routes between two nodes.
      - Updated method Map::Tube::get_shortest_route() to return list of objects of type Map::Tube::Node.
      - Updated method Map::Tube::Node::to_string() to return the node line along with the name.

2.26  2014-08-30T02:45:00+01:00
      - Added key "META_MERGE" key on condition (ExUtils::MakeMake->VERSION(6.46).

2.25  2014-08-16T10:22:18+01:00
      - Added section "REPOSITORY" to the pod document.
      - Added key "META_MERGE" to Makefile.PL file.

2.24  2014-08-08T23:38:09+01:00
      - Removed Build.PL script.
      - Tidied up README file.

2.23  2014-07-25T16:48:13+01:00
      - Streamlined version to all modules
      - Minor cosmetic changes

2.22  2014-07-07T20:41:00+01:00
      - Added 'namespace::clean' as pre-requisite to Build.PL and Makefile.PL

2.21  2014-07-06T04:10:09+01:00
      - Tidied up the pod documemt

2.20  2014-07-05T22:13:15+01:00
      - Complete revamp of the original Map::Tube. Converted into Role (Moo).

2.19  2011-03-28T13:14:15+01:00
      - Updated Copyright information.

2.18  2011-03-09T18:44:17+01:00
      - Changed the description of the module slightly.

2.17  2011-03-02T11:43:20+01:00
      - Removed "-T" from the first line of 00-load.t, pod.t, manifest.t
        and 00-signature.t. It appears to me that Mac OS X doesn't like it,
        for some reason.

2.16  2011-03-02T10:22:19+01:00
      - Cleaned up Makefile.PL as CPAN Testers have complained about it.

2.15  2011-02-28T12:17:00+01:00
      - Removed "create_makefile_pl" from the Build.PL
      - Arranged Makefile.PL as it's no longer be auto built.

2.14  2011-02-28T11:49:10+01:00
      - Added DISCLAIMER section to the pod.

2.13  2011-02-04T18:55:43+01:00
      - Added MYMETA.json to MANIFEST.SKIP as some CPAN Testers not happy on GNU/Linux
        OS Version 2.6.32-2-amd64, Perl version (5.13.2, 5.13.6, 5.13.7, 5.13.8, 5.13.9,
        5.8.9) as reported on Friday, 4th February 2011 (6.13pm) UK TIME.

2.12  2011-02-04T16:46:59+01:00
      - Corrected the year part of last release in the 'Changes' file.
      - Also fixed the pod for method show_map_chart() as it was generating incorrect
        html on install.

2.11  2011-02-04T15:40:21+01:00
      - Now allows multiple spaces if node's name consists of two or more words and
        fix it automatically for user.
      - Now trims any space at the beginning and at the end of node's name.
      - Added unit test test-case-21.t for the above changes.
      - Updated pod for method get_shortest_route() to reflect aboove changes.
      - Updated pod for method show_map_chart() to show output as well in this case.
      - Added test case in the test-case-00.t about testing node's definition after
        setting node mappings.

2.10  2010-12-06T18:33:46+01:00
      - Renamed key _follow to _follow_me.
      - Renamed key _element to _nodes.
      - Renamed key _node to _mappings.
      - Renamed key _line to _lines.
      - Renamed method get_name() to get_node_name().
      - Renamed method get_element to get_nodes().
      - Renamed method set_lines() to set_node_lines().
      - Renamed method get_lines() to get_node_lines().
      - Renamed method set_node() to set_node_mappings().
      - Renamed method get_node() to get_node_mappings().
      - Renamed method set_default_node() to set_default_node_definitions().
      - Renamed method init() to load_node_mappings().
      - Renamed method load_element() to load_nodes().
      - Renamed method load_line() to load_node_lines().
      - Renamed method upcase_element_name() to upcase_node_names().
      - Renamed internal method _initialize() to _init().
      - Renamed internal method _initialize_table() to _init_table().
      - Updated internal method _get_next_node(), _sanity_check() and _process_node()
        to reflect the above changes.
      - Updated the unit test test-case-00.t, test-case-14.t and test-case-20.t to
        reflect the above changes.
      - Updated pod to reflect the above changes.

2.09  2010-12-03T19:07:21+01:00
      - Added to setup line information for user defined nodes.
      - Added to check the line information irrespective of whether following the line or not.
      - Updated pod for method set_node() regarding mapping checks.
      - Minor changes to the error message thrown during data checks.
      - Modified method load_method() to be able to load user data.
      - Added unit test for missing map information.

2.08  2010-11-26T09:48:59+01:00
      - Updated pod for method init().

2.07  2010-11-25T18:43:19+01:00
      - Updated pod for method upcase_element_name().

2.06  2010-11-24T09:40:11+01:00
      - Added SIGNATURE to the distribution.
      - Added unit test for SIGNATURE file.

2.05  2010-11-24T09:04:05+01:00
      - Removed all internal methods detail from the pod.

2.04  2010-11-23T16:03:25+01:00
      - Removed test for boilerplate.
      - Method get_next_node() is now turned into internal method _get_next_node().
      - Method sanity_check() is now turned into internal method _sanity_check().

2.03  2010-11-19T10:13:49+01:00
      - Removed the constraint on node code to be a string. Now node code can
        be a STRING or NUMBER.
      - Added unit test test-case-20.t to test this new feature.
      - Added internal method _is_same().
      - Added internal method _is_number().
      - Updated pod about the change in behaviour of node code.

2.02  2010-11-12T09:42:39+01:00
      - Added Metropolitan line fast train mapping.
      - Fixed the missing mapping between HOH and M09.
      - Added unit test test-case-18.t and test-case-19.t for the mapping.

2.01  2010-11-10T16:30:51+01:00
      - Added Overground line data.
      - Added unit test case for Overground line data.
      - Fixed unit test test-case-03.t, test-case-04.t, test-case-07.t and test-case-08.t
        with regard to addition of more data.
      - Updated pod regarding Overground line data.

2.0   2010-11-10T13:22:09+01:00
      - Added DLR line data.
      - Added unit test for DLR line data.

1.9   2010-11-10T09:46:11+01:00
      - Removed the debug parameter from the constructor.
      - By default debug is turned off.
      - Removed unit test to validate the debug parameter for constructor.
      - Added method set_debug() to control the debug flag.

1.8   2010-11-10T09:27:57+01:00
      - Added Waterloo & City line data.
      - Fixed method _process_node() for silly bug.
      - Added unit test for Waterloo & City line data.
      - Fixed unit test test-case-05.t and test-case-06.t with regard to addition of more data.

1.7   2010-11-09T16:01:29+01:00
      - Updated pod about the "Famous Software Award" given by

1.6   2010-11-09T13:40:28+01:00
      - Added MANIFEST.SKIP to the MANIFEST file.
      - Factor out the initilization functionality into a seperate method.
      - Added example to the method get_next_node() in the pod.
      - Added example to the method get_tube_lines() in the pod.
      - Added data validation to the method set_line().
      - Added new method sanity_check() to the sanity check on the data.
      - Corrected the node code for Holborn.
      - Remove invalid node code P28.
      - Corrected map definition for node code M22.
      - Added map definition for node code M21, KSG, WBM and ESQ.
      - Fixed map definition for KCS, missing ESQ from the list.
      - Changed the structure of Line information.

1.5   2010-11-05T16:54:11+01:00
      - Added boilerplate.t to the MANIFEST.
      - Renamed the unit test case appropriately.
      - Modified manifest.t to test MANIFEST everytime.
      - Added Tube line definitions.
      - Added the ability to define line definitions for user node.
      - Now get_shortest_route() dump the time taken to find the shortest route.
      - Added get_next_node(), which checks wether to follow the line or not.
      - Added follow_me(), to enable the follow tube line switch. However it's not documented.
      - Added get_tube_lines() to return the lines list of given node.
      - Added get_line() to return the line informations.
      - Added set_line() to allow user to define their own line informations.
      - Added load_line() to load the default line informations.
      - Modified Build.PL and Makefile.PL to include Time::HiRes as requirement.
      NOTE: Follow line functionality is not yet fully functional.

1.4   2010-11-02T18:06:15+01:00
      - Validate the parameter passed to the constructor.
      - Added unit test to validate the parameter passed to the constructor.
      - Fixed the example code in the pod.
      - Added example for method get_name() in the pod.
      - Added example for method init(), load_element() and upcase_element_name() in the pod.

1.3   2010-11-02T15:31:22+01:00
      - Major changes to the method _process_node().
      - Added example to each method defined in the pod.
      - POD for method show_map_chart() arranged correctly.
      - Added unit test to validate code passed to get_name().

1.2   2010-11-01T09:45:41+01:00
      - Renamed method _get_name() to get_name() and made it public.
      - Added method set_default_node() to override the user defined node.
      - Minor data cleanup.

1.1   2010-10-29T16:30:04+01:00
      - Fixed the pod regarding method name for get_node() and get_element().
      - Added unit test for method set_node().

1.0   2010-10-29T12:03:43+01:00
      - Made the lookup case insensitive.
      - Added ability to define user own node mapping.
      - Added unit test for case insensitive lookup.
      - Added unit test for user defined mapping.

0.09  2010-10-29T09:38:10+01:00
      - Added Picadilly line data.
      - Added unit test for Picadilly line data.
      - Corrected spelling of Oxford Circus.
      - Corrected spelling of King's Cross St. Pancras.

0.08  2010-10-28T18:04:35+01:00
      - Added Northern line data.
      - Added unit test for Northern line data.
      - Fixed the unit test test-case-05.t
      - Fixed the unit test test-case-06.t with regard to addition of more data.
      - Fixed the node code for few members of Bakerloo, Central, Jubilee and Victoria line.
      - Fixed the mapping of Bakerloo, Central, Jubilee and Victoria line.
      - Fixed some of the junction mapping as well as added new junction mapping.

0.07  2010-10-28T15:53:19+01:00
      - Added Metropolitan line data.
      - Added unit test for Metropolitan line data.
      - Fixed the test-case-09.t with regard to addition of more data.

0.06  2010-10-28T10:51:01+01:00
      - Removed the test code from the pod.
      - Added DESCRIPTION to the pod as suggesed by Peter Makholm.
      - Removed the 'sleep' from get_shortest_route() as suggested by Peter Makholm.
      - Added Readonly as pre-requisite in the Build.PL to make CPAN Testers happy.
      - Added Module::Build v0.36 as pre-requisite to get intalldeps options during build.
      - Updated README regarding pre-requisite installation.

0.05  2010-10-27T15:55:29+01:00
      - Added District line data.
      - Added Hammersmith & City line data.
      - Fixed Central line data as Fairlop and Hainault both had the same node code.
      - Added method get_node() and get_element() to the Tube::Map module.
      - Fixed the unit test test-case-03.t with regard to addition of more data.

0.04  2010-10-27T11:03:34+01:00
      - Added node validations.
      - Added unit test for validation functionality.
      - Changed the signature of few methods defined in Map::Tube.
      - Updated the unit test to reflect the changes in the method signature.
      - Updated the perldoc for Map::Tube.
      - Updated the perldoc for Map::Tube::Node.

0.03  2010-10-26T16:29:11+01:00
      - Added Circle line data.

0.02  2010-10-26T11:08:21+01:00
      - Added Central line data.

0.01  2010-10-25T14:30:11+01:00
      - Module Created.