1.63 (marekr)
- CPAN#85477: Module version not updated in last release
- CPAN#85478: typo fixes

1.62 (marekr)
Patches provided by rjbs - many thanks!
- These commits update Pod::Usage to only use Pod::Simple, so that any
  reliance on Pod::Parser is removed, making it easier to remove Pod::Parser
  from core.
- [PATCH 1/4] update Makefile: strict, INSTALLDIR, 5.6
- [PATCH 2/4] we will start to require perl 5.6 from here on out
- [PATCH 3/4] always use Pod::Text as default base class
- [PATCH 4/4] eliminate the branch in which Pod::Parser would be used
  This commit is intended entirely to free Pod::Usage from any reliance on
  * Usage.pm now defaults to using Pod::Text, rather than checking $] to pick.
  * $Pod::Select::MAX_HEADING_LEVEL is replaced with a local var
  * &Pod::Select::_compile_section_spec is copied into this module
    This isn't the most elegant fix, but it's a bit of a ball of mud. The code
    is written to let you alter @ISA at runtime to something that is derived
    either from Pod::Parser or Pod::Simple. This should probably be more
    explicitly limited to Pod::Simple in future releases.

1.61 (marekr)
- fix empty META.yml (CPAN RT#83118: META.yml is empty)
- update outdated test expected data (CPAN RT#83111: fails test)

1.60 (marekr)
- moved POD behind __END__ for slighlty quicker loading
- CPAN RT#81387: 2 suggestions for module Pod::Usage
  added example of how to use FindBin to locate the script;
  added $Pod::Usage::Formatter to allow a different base class
- CPAN RT#75598: [PATCH] Don't use perldoc if it is missing
  implemented as suggested in the RT ticket
- factored Pod::Usageout of the Pod-Parser distribution into a separate one,
  in order to prepare the rewrite based upon Pod::Simple
- thanks to rjbs for driving this