All changes where made by Mark Overmeer <>, unless
explicitly stated differently.

version 1.04: Thu Jun 12 09:50:01 CEST 2008


	- recover then temp symlink for raw package already exists.

	- wrong $VERSION insert with Parse::RecDescend output, where
	  code starts on same name as package statement.


	- variables used in PODTAIL and PMHEAD files will be filled-in.


	- OODoc::Parser::new(skip_links) can be used to avoid complaints
	  about external manual which do not have a package file.  Also
	  SKIP_LINKS in Makefile.PL with oodist.

	- PODTAIL and PMHEAD can also be set in the Makefile.PL

	- Add "SEE ALSO", COPYRIGHTS and LICENSE to the html template

	- Permit chapter names with quotes in HTML template, to allow
	  blanks and other special characters in the name.

version 1.03: Fri Mar 14 14:27:12 CET 2008


	- In the HTML output, the manual page X::Y::Z will not referred
	  to under its name, because that causes various problems with
	  hrefs, and is not portable under Windows.  The packages will
	  be addressed as X_Y_Z.  Thanks to [Joop Ringelberg] for paving
	  this path.


	- fix in HTML front page [Robert.Locke]

	- remove complaints about "Attempt to reload" for Perl5.10


	- verbosity in the "get package relations" phase.

	- raw package created by oodist will unpack in a sub-dir,
	  named <pkg>-<version>-raw

version 1.02: Fri Nov  9 11:04:39 CET 2007


	- check for OODoc::Text::Structure::isEmpty() was flawed.

	- stop parsing a pm file when a __DATA__ line is found.

	- fixed typos in example


	- make the default for examples screem less in manual-pages:
	  change format from "I<Example:>" into "example:"

	- the explanation of diagnostics in POD get indented.

	- extracted Template::Magic helpers from OODoc::Format into

	- in HTML, chapters become H2, not H1.  etc


	- implemented OODoc::Format::Pod3 which uses OODoc::Template
	  this is the new default for oodist.

	- added subsubsections/head4

	- the inheritence information is added as chapter to the
	  manual page before the formatters get their turn.

version 1.01: Mon Jun 18 21:28:28 CEST 2007


	- add IO::Scalar to pre-requisits (thanks to CPAN-testers).

version 1.00: Thu Jun 14 12:07:08 CEST 2007


	- OODoc::Manifest skipped MANIFEST lines with comments in them.

	- pure POD files where emptied in the cleanup process.


	- the options with show a '=>' between key and value, to make
	  it more clear that an option is described.


	- oodist adds a README when not provided.

	- oodist uses Test::Pod to check correctness of produced
	  POD files.

	- oodist uses "make distdir" and "make disttest", replacing
	  "make" and "make test"

version 0.99: Sun Mar 25 17:26:46 CEST 2007


	- Don't write [ -d $dir ], where you mean -d $dir; this is Perl,
	  no Shell-script.


	- option podtail and pmhead loose their abbreviation

	- moved DIAGNOSTICS chapter in Pod and Pod2 produced man-pages
	  to after the DETAILS chapter, which is more conformant to
	  unix manpages.

	- POD.TAIL renamed to PODTAIL.txt, PM.HEAD renamed to PMHEAD.txt,
	  both for Windows portability.


	- in added comment for pm, the copyright and contrib information
	  split to have both their own line: was often too wide together.

	- new option --test / -t  which will not move the distribution
	  and its raw counterpart to the final location.

	- Empty "Defined in" columns in option lists are removed

	- Html will show boundary around option list, to distiguish it
	  cleared from the other method documentation.

	- Package HTML with HTML_PACKAGE/--html-package options in

version 0.98: Tue Dec 19 13:45:40 CET 2006


	- oodist: do not attempt to create HTML if the templates do
	  no exist.


	- oodist: firstyear can be more complex.

	- oodist: little work-around with OODOC_VERSION variable to
	  be able to use raw OODoc version in private development

	- produced pod will have superfluous blank lines removed.

version 0.97: Wed Dec 13 14:40:19 CET 2006


	- Each resulting pm file had a # before the first character.

version 0.96: Mon Dec 11 15:19:12 CET 2006


	- No "die" but "warn" when a module which is investigated
	  for docs contains errors or croaks in the code.


	- Now also reports counts of documented options.

	- added bin/oodist, which avoids the need to write an own script
	  to produce real POD.

	- use oodist for OODoc, which make mkdist/mkdoc as expired

	- created README which contains README.examples.

	- check for "code accidentally captured in pod" made more

	- add a 'notice' to all stripped pm files.

version 0.95: Tue Sep 26 13:18:49 CEST 2006


	- Again, the solution with podlators logic doesn't work on
	  all formatters.  Now I really got fed-up and made a markup
	  cleaner (tested in t/10nomarkup.t).
	  Thanks to [Slavan Rezic] for the investigations.


	- Test the useability of all OODoc pm's in t/00work.t.

version 0.94: Mon Sep 18 10:54:39 CEST 2006


	- tables now created with S<< >>, avoiding the use of a Pod::Man
	  bug.  Requires podlators 2.0.5

version 0.93: Wed Jul 26 12:10:08 CEST 2006


	- forgot to include examples/ in the MANIFEST

	- Pod2 formatter did by default not include the FUNCTIONS chapter.

	- Pod2 did not always add a blank line before pod-start.


	- in Inheritance list, use 'is an' iso 'is a' before vowel

version 0.92: Tue Jul 25 10:50:11 CEST 2006


	- quite a number of typos in the docs.

	- option lists in produced pod had many blanks at the end of each
	  line because of superflous padding.

	- Pod::Man bug will cause verbatim text not to be scanned for
	  C<> and friends unless connected to a non-verbatim block.
	  Now, this is avoided for the option-list.


	- test of module existence (when used in M<>) has changed, to
	  be more understandible.

	- improved doc in OODoc and OODoc::Parser

	- adding "in scope of $pkg" to error message about missing NAME

	- added examples/, as a kind of explenatory template
	  for the Markov parser, on request by [Pete Stein]

version 0.91: Fri May 20 10:45:37 CEST 2005


	- in OODoc/Format/, $show->Apppend has one 'p' to many.
	  [Pontus Bergöö and Carl Humphrey]

version 0.90: Tue Aug 24 09:26:52 CEST 2004


	- Inheritance in HTML didn't remove <pre> when using multiple

	- =option with missing default crashed.


	- The 'version' file can contain complex strings, like
	     $VERSION = '0.0.2'
	  The first sequence of digits and dots is taken.

	- Abbreviated some of the error messages.

	- options, sections and subroutines do understand most of
	  multiple inheritance.

version 0.10: Wed Jan 21 09:48:08 CET 2004


	- Packages without manuals are skipped.

	- Text::MagicTemplate has been renamed to Template::Magic::HTML

version 0.09: Tue Sep 30 09:59:06 CEST 2003


	- Text::MagicTemplate 2.11 destroys the template which is passed
	  to output(), so we need to make a copy first.

version 0.08: Mon Sep  8 17:12:02 CEST 2003


	- Adapted to Text::MagicTemplate release 2.11, which is not
	  compatible with older versions :-(

	- OODoc::Format::Pod(2) could not format =function
	- When the same distribution was created for the second time
	  in a row, some files could be missing from the MANIFEST.


	- Added Object::Realize::Later to the examples (orl.tar.gz).
	  It can't get any simpler.

	- Added Bundle::Text::MagicTemplate to the pre-requisits

version 0.07: Tue Jul 29 14:06:38 CEST 2003


	- OODoc::Parser::Markov will add target=_blank to links produced
	  from L<http://>

	- OODoc::Parser::Markov does not change < into &lt; within
	  =for :html and =begin :html


	- Moved all modules into lib/

	- Added everything what is needed to merge the documentation of
	  multiple modules (especially useful to produce one huge HTML
	  version of related modules)

	- The version for the distribution is automatically taken from
	  a file named version or VERSION in the source directory of the

	- L<> links in verbatim for pod is replaced by text, because
	  most podlaters do not know better.

	- The example of OODoc use with MailBox shows how to combine
	  multiple modules into one doc tree.

version 0.06: Sun Jul  6 19:44:23 CEST 2003


	- OODoc::Parser::Markov mutulated ampersants in the HTML output:
          was: & --> \amp;    became:   & --> \&amp;

	- filenames in MANIFEST file made relative to that file

	- make head1 really equivalent to chapter

	- OODoc::Parser::Markov does add blank lines to output POD if
	  the author did not include them around pod statements.  Superfluous
	  blanks are removed.


	- OODoc::Format::Html copies mode of template file.

	- Included Mail::Box example set-up, which will grow to become
	  the most complicated demonstration of possibilities.

	- Support of L<> in OODoc::Parser::Markov with all features
	  defined by perlpod.

	- $chapter->findEntry looks for chapters, sections, subsections
	  with a certain name: an index entry.

	- Implemented =begin/=end understanding for OODoc/Parser/Markov
	  for both Html as Pod formatters.

	- Implemented =for understanding for OODoc/Parser/Markov
	  for both Html as Pod formatters.

	- Implemented =begin :html and =for :html understanding for
	  OODoc/Parser/Markov, for both Html as Pod formatters.

	- The example of MailBox is much more complex, now more than
	  one distribution is included into MailBox's html website.

version 0.05: Tue May  6 12:19:17 CEST 2003

	The Markov parser syntax has not changed, but nearly everything
	else did.

	- Many improvements in the produced HTML, especially when
	  more than one manual page is produced for a single packages
	  OODoc is now able to produce Mail::Box documentation, which
	  is huge and complex.
	- Added examples/mimetypes.tar.gz as very simple set-up

version 0.04: Thu May  1 13:25:37 CEST 2003

	- Producing HTML
	- Added examples/oodoc.tar.gz and accompanying files
	- Renamed OODoc::Format::PodTemplate into OODoc::Format::Pod2,
	  because there may be more template based formatters into POD

version 0.03: Wed Apr  2 14:47:00 CEST 2003

	- Added OODoc::Format::PodTemplate
	- Minor reorderings in OODoc::Format::Pod

version 0.02: Tue Apr  1 13:52:33 CEST 2003

	- handling of format_options
	- appending text to POD
	- documentation about POD configuration

version 0.01: March 30, 2003

	Initial implementation