File::BOM changes document

0.15 - Mon Dec 14 2015
    - Fix spelling errors spotted by debian team. Thanks to Gregor Herrmann.

0.14 - Wed Oct 4 2006
    - More workarounds for platforms with odd read() behaviour.

0.13 - Tue Oct 3 2006
    - Tried to workaround platforms where read doesn't return undef on failure.
    - Added Encode to dependencies so that the version number can be seen in
      test reports.

0.12 - Tue Jul 11 2006
    - Added a description section to docs
    - Added information about test failures on cygwin
    - Added overridable test skipping for tests that cause hangs on cygwin

    - Added Test::Pod and Test::Pod::Coverage tests at the behest of CPANTS

    - Changed open_bom to work more like open()
    - Added defuse function to process BOMs on open handles
    - Updated tests to cope with PerlIO::via's limitations
    - Removed most test files, they will now be generated by the test framework,
      so that they have native line endings

    - Added tell() support to work with seek() properly
    - Hopefully fixed compatibility with older versions of Encode
    - PerlIO::via should now work with the latest perl

    - Added TODO document
    - Added tests (now at 100% coverage for non PerlIO::via code)
    - Added diagnostics documentation
    - Fixed bugs in unseekable spillage handling

    - Added Changes document
    - Added support for seek() in PerlIO::via interface