Revision history for perl module Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::Inline

0.011005 2015-02-03
 - Removed some obsolete requirements

 - Register Test::More as a test prerequisite in the dist that uses this
 - "Lazy loading" of use()d modules to speed up Dist::Zilla (credits to
   Olivier Mengué for
 - Build package by using the plugin itself!

0.011004 2015-02-03
 - Now only files collected by file gatherer plugins are scanned for inline

 - Added test to checks if files excluded by Dist::Zilla file gatherers are
 - Logging now tells about modules where inline tests were found

0.011003 2015-02-03
 - Added t/10-basic.t which checks inline test extraction / Dist::Zilla
   file creation

0.011002 2015-01-21
 - Removed dependency on (late) versions of prereq modules (thanks to ETHER
   for pointing out that this causes grief to users). As I don't know which
   version are needed, no versions are specified right now.

0.011001 2013-11-26
 - Corrected POD in code example

0.011000 2013-11-26
 - Updated documentation
 - Added this Changes file
 - Shortened version number

0.0100000 2013-11-26
 - Initial release