Revision history for Perl extension Win32::DriveInfo.

 0.01 - first public release

 0.02 - Austin Durbin <> tested module on Win NT
        and discovered small bug in UNC paths handling. Fixed.
        Thanks Austin!

 0.03 - fixed bug that returned incorrect values for volumes that are
        larger than 0x7fffffff bytes (2 GB). Approved on Win98 with FAT32.

 0.04 - Mon Mar 13 09:33:02 2000
	added IsReady() function and MakeMaker compartible distribution.
        Empty SerialNumber fixed. Now it's empty string, previously it
	was evaluated to 0000:0000.
	Minor enhancements.

 0.05 - fixed, other minor fixes. 
	The last 0.0x version before the major update (soon!)