Revision history for Perl extension Epeg.

0.07  6/3/2005
    - Fixed double free error in the case of a failed write_file()
      or get_data().

0.06  5/26/2005
    - Added destructor that handles _epeg_close() when the object
      goes out of scope. 

0.05  4/27/2005
    - Modified to catch error codes from epeg_encode() and not 
      attempt to free memory twice.
    - Changed get_data() to return undef on failure.
    - Changed write_file() to return 1 on success undef on failure.
    - Changed set_quality() to normalize the input value.
    - Changed resize() to return undef when attempting to size up
      or scale to the same wxh as the original image.

0.04  4/23/2005
    - Fixed divide by zero error in resize if an image is garbage
      and has zero width or height. 
    - Changed to round up when resizing in MAINTAIN_ASPECT_RATIO

0.03  4/17/2005
    - Added test cases
    - Cleaned up POD documentation

0.02  4/15/2005
    - Revised API to handle opening from data reference and opening 
      from a file in new()
    - Added get_comment(), set_comment()
    - Added more test cases

0.01  4/13/2005
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
        -n EPEG /usr/local/include/Epeg.h